It’s the Thanksgiving episode of Supergirl this time around so of course the general theme is Family. There aren’t a lot of specific events that occur, the focus instead is on the various relationships between the characters. And we get another non-alien villain this week too! Let’s get straight into this weeks recap and review!

Let’s begin with the Danvers family.  Alex’s mother (Helen Slater) comes to visit for Thanksgiving.


Alex is really nervous about this as her mother is always quite hard on Alex and not very supportive. Mrs Danvers is really supportive of what Kara is doing as Supergirl, and Kara suggest that Alex should tell her mother what she really does for a living so that she can be proud of her.

Before she can do this though, Mrs Danvers expresses her disappointment in Alex and blames her for Kara becoming Supergirl. She should have been looking out for her and not let her get involved in something that was so dangerous.


During Thanksgiving dinner Alex is clearly mad at her mother, which makes an awkward environment for Kara and her dinner guest Winn.

Alex tells her mother that she actually works for the D.E.O and to say her mother is less than impressed is an understatement. She seems over the top with her disappointment and even when Alex explains that she is doing what her mother always told her to do, looking out for Kara, it doesn’t help. Mrs Danvers says that her father would be disappointed in her which causes Alex to storm out.Kara tries to defend Alex and says that she is always much harder on Alex.

In a flashback to when the girls were younger we see Kara convincing Alex to sneak out and go for a fly! When they get home Alex is blamed as they could have been seen by anyone. The telling off is interrupted by a knock at the door…Hank Henshaw wants a word!


Later on Mrs Danvers apologises to Alex and says that she pushed her so hard because she wanted her to be better that she was and that Alex has always been her ‘Supergirl’. After events are resolved with this weeks bad guy, Mrs Danvers says that she is proud of Alex for what she does but Supergirl needs a bit of improvement!

She then reveals that she is convinced that her husband didn’t die in a plane crash like she was told. She has known about the DEO for sometime. When Henshaw came to see them when Kara and Alex were children, he wanted to take Kara away as she was an alien and needed to be studied.


Mr Danvers offered himself and his research in her place which Henshaw gratefully accepts! He apparently dies while working for Henshaw which then leads Alex and Kara to begin their own investigation from within the DEO to try and find out what happened!

This week’s bad guy starts off as Leslie Willis, a radio presenter employed by Catco.


She is one of these edgy presenters giving opinions which almost go a bit too far. She expresses her dislike of Supergirl, criticises her outfit and even speculates over her sex life (Chastity belt of Steel) After Cat Grant tells her that the city does not need the negativity that Leslie puts out, she is demoted to traffic coverage. Cat is mad because she named Supergirl so she needs to keep the reputation of the figure positive!

Leslie goes up in a helicopter to do a traffic report and gets into difficulty in a storm. She is saved by Supergirl but no before the two are struck by lightning!


Recovering in the hospital we see that Cat is starting to reveal a conscience. She says she should feel guilty about what happened to Leslie, but she doesn’t (although we can tell she does really). In typical bad guy reveal, Leslie opens her eyes to reveal nothing but black! Automatically designating her as a bad person! Also her hair changed colour for some reason!


Leslie escapes from the hospital and has to defend herself from a would be attacker. Realising she has electricity based powers she somehow instantly gains control of her new powers and uses them to transport herself in the electrical currents of surrounding street lights.

Confronting Cat at Catco Leslie or rather Livewire attacks her in revenge!


Cat sends Kara to find help while she distracts Livewire (a selfless gesture from Cat?!) Supergirl to the rescue as she flies in a blocks an electrical attack with he chest before engaging in a Heat vision-Electricity battle.


Cat flees and is pursued by Livewire who causes the elevator to drop with Cat inside. Kara easily stops this but then has to deal with city wide blackouts cause by Livewire.

Getting advice from Hank Henshaw as to how Leslie was created (a mixture of Krypton DNA and electricity), and that he has an alien at the DEO that could help they develop a trap for Livewire which even Kara acknowledges is very like the ghost traps from Ghostbusters!

Cue the big boss fight as Cat and Kara draw out Livewire. The fight starts well for Kara until Livewire brings out whips of pure energy! (much like Marvel’s Whiplash)


The trap is knocked away and Supergirl is beaten down. But don’t worry, conveniently Kara uses her super hearing to locate water pipes under the road which she punches into and fries Livewire!

Cat reveals that she does feel guilty about what happened to Leslie. She feels responsible for turning her into a monster even before she became Livewire. Cat and Kara even bond a little as they talk about Kara’s family. Cat even suggest having a family focused cover for the Thanksgiving issue of the magazine instead of a gossip based one. Is Cat getting soft?


Winn gets a bigger role this week, instead of just being the nerdy-comic relief. After telling Kara that he will be spending Thanksgiving alone, Kara invites him over to have dinner with her family (she also invites James Olsen over, but unfortunately he is busy with Lucy Lane). At the meal Winn goes to say what he is thankful for (and you can tell it’s something to do with Kara) but he is interrupted when Kara gets a call from Olsen.

Kara later apologies to Winn and he tells her that he is thankful for her, and is grateful to be included in a family as his father is in prison. Could his father be the Toyman from the comics?! he kiss Kara’s cheek, which is incredibly awkward and she rushes off to flirt with James again!

There were a few other interesting bits in the episode this week, here’s what jumped out at me:

  • The wire-work is still really bad!


  • Supergirl can just fly through a window in Kara’s apartment without anyone outside batting an eye?!


  • Kara catches a helicopter, another nod to previous cape wearers!
  • Supergirl’s powers are very convenient at dinner time, cooking an inedible turkey with Heat-vision.


  • Cat Grant calls Henshaw Agent Mulder  – X-files reference!
  • The effects of Livewire moving across the city look very much like those we see on The Flash.
  • Livewire’s joke about so many ways to  skin a cat gets shut down by Cat herself! It was the funniest I’d seen Cat.
  • Kara really loooooooves Olsen and is super jealous of Lucy Lane!

A much more intimate episode this week but no less interesting. I like that they are turning Cat into more of a human character as it was becoming very boring having her be the harsh bitch all the time. I like how they have hinted at a possible villain future for Winn. Could he be pushed over the edge by jealousy over Kara and Olsen and take up his father’s mantle?


Most importantly I can’t wait to see what went on with Mr Danvers (Dean Cain) and the DEO. I think he is the one that has enabled Hank Henshaw to become the Cyborg-Superman.


It fits perfectly and maybe his ‘death’ was at the hands of Henshaw himself! The stakes are being steadily raised for Supergirl as she faces more difficult foes who aren’t always as evil as they first appear. How will she handle the bigger threats when they show themselves?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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