Arrow is back again and this week and the theme of the episode appears to be ‘starting over’. Following on from Sara’s soul being restored last week and the discovery that Ray Palmer is still alive, certain members of Team Arrow struggle to deal with their changing lives. Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled! Let’s get straight into our recap and review!

The most interesting scenes this week involve Oliver and Felicity. Felicity is frantically trying to find Ray Palmer and bring him back.


She has been avoiding all other things (including showers). Oliver is trying to help in anyway he can but Felicity just snaps at him whenever he suggests she takes a break. She doesn’t think he can help!


Ray finally makes contact and explains that he is being held against his will and his captors want the tech contained in his suit. He didn’t die in the explosion he was just shrunk!(finally being more like the comic book version of his character).


Ray tasks Felicity to build a machine he has designed that can re-size him. Felicity and Curtis Holt plough themselves into this.

Oliver tries to help by coming up with ways to distract Felicity. He invites her mother back to town! Felicity is not happy with this as she says she has far more important things to do than spend time with her mother!


Team Arrow assemble to steal a component for Ray’s machine, and it isn’t long before things go wrong due to upgraded security at Kord Industries.(nice little Blue Beetle reference!)


Sara is already back on the team and predictably goes a bit mental when in combat! But the team manage to escape with the part they need.

Felicity is really mad with Oliver and things are only made worse when he forces her into dinner plans with her mother  and then turns up late.


Sensing some issues in the air Mamma Smoak makes a quick exit (whispering the suggestion of make-up sex!)

Felicity blames herself for what is happening to Ray. she says that if she hadn’t left Star City with Oliver she would have been able to save him much sooner! She has lost herself in Oliver and that was never who she was.


Things are not looking good for Olicity as Oliver gives her some space to work out what she actually wants. (every Olicity fan’s heart will start breaking at this point!)

Oliver and Felicity go their own ways and end up being given advice by people close to them. We see Oliver and Diggle behaving like they used to and John giving him some very good advice and brings him round to a more positive viewpoint.


Mamma Smoak tells Felicity that losing yourself in someone is how it is supposed to feel when you are in love. I really warmed to her character in this episode, and she was actually really funny too!


Team Arrow find where Ray is being held and that it is Damian Darhk that has him! D.D threatens to hurt Felicity if Ray doesn’t do what he wants! The Team has grown even bigger as now Curtis has been brought on to help in the field to re-size Ray. Diggle disguises himself as a ‘Ghost’ and pretends to capture Oliver so they can get inside.


Darhk ends up with Oliver in chains and almost takes off the hood to reveal who he is but Oliver breaks free, fires an arrow (which Darhk just deflects again!) and then Darhk waves his hand and the chains start to choke Oliver. He only manages to escape by using a Flashbang. The team manage to re-size Ray  and they escape. Oliver and Ray’s greeting is awkward as Oliver thinks Ray is part of the problem with him and Felicity.


Once the team have stood down and Ray has the situation explained to him, Oliver and Felicity have the ‘talk’! Felicity says they are going to be fine and echoes her mother’s advice by saying “We found ourselves in each other”. All Olicity fans rejoice!!!

Now that the important bits are over, let’s talk about the other story points. The Flashbacks show Oliver being tasked by Baron Reiter to show them the place where he and Constantine went to. In this place Reiter uses the Orb to reveal some mystical writing which directs him to look for a ‘gift’ in a cove somewhere.


Oliver leaves Conklin to supervise the workers while he goes back to the woman he rescued, gives her some food and asks her about Reiter being ‘mystical’. On his return, he is attacked and almost drowned by one of the workers. Oliver has to kill him to survive but is seen by the other workers. It was a trap set by Conklin!


Sara obviously has some issues after having her soul restored. She is still experiencing the bloodlust in combat and I think she kills one of the guards during Ray’s rescue attempt. Afterwards she decides she needs a fresh start and leaves town, saying she is going to see her mother in Central City and clearly setting her up to meet up with other Legends of Tomorrow characters.

There were quite a lot of interesting bits that jumped out at me this week, here’s a few of them:

  • Curtis fancies Oliver! “You’re married, he’s straight!”
  • He also tries to work out if Oliver is the Arrow but says he jaw isn’t right! Come on Curtis! You’re smarter than that!holt
  • Lance insults Darhk by saying magic is ‘mumbo jumbo’. Bad idea!
  • Felicity gives Diggle a new code name – ‘Spartan’. Am I the only one who thinks of the Demolition Man film when I hear ‘John Spartan’?


  • Apparently sofas are bulletproof. At least the ones in evil headquarters are.
  • Sara has no problems using a gun to take out guards!
  • The Canary/Canary/Thea combat was amazing! More of that please!


  • Ray doesn’t want to come back from the dead yet. Is he going to keep is return a secret so that he is free to join LoT?
  • Oliver and Felicity try to steal the upside-down Spiderman kiss!
  • It looks like tumblr is right again, possible Detective Lance and Donna Smoak romance being teased!


  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Darhk opens the strange box to reveal some weird looking circuitry. Is it magical or science? Or both? Some have suggested it looks a lot like Mother Box technology. Surely they can’t be introducing the New Gods to the show?!

This episode had a different tone to the others that came before it. More intimate, and less focus on big action. Don’t get me wrong there were some really cool action set pieces but the more interesting parts were the relationships between characters. John and Oliver are starting to mend bridges, Olicity hit a rough patch but is now back on track


and Lance could actually get something good in the future if he hooks up with Mamma Smoak. We now have almost the entire cast of Legends of Tomorrow back in play. Only Hawkman, Hawkgirl and rip Hunter have yet to take on their superhero roles. The first Flash/Arrow/Legends crossover is not far off and I can’t wait to see all these heroes on screen at the same time! What is Darhk up to? I guess we will have to wait and see!

What did you think of this week’s episode? let us know in the comments below.

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