If anyone was worried that the second season of The Flash had been a bit lack-luster so far then this week’s episode should change your mind completely! This was a very big episode for several reasons but the general theme running through was trust and confidence.


With the addition of Earth-2 Harrison Wells to Team Flash, trust is always going to be an issue. Certain members of the team are struggling with his presence as the ‘assistance’ he appears to be so willing to offer! Here’s our recap and review!

The episode is titled ‘Enter Zoom’ so we know the big bad guy is going to be making an appearance at some point. Most of the episode deals with Team Flash trying to lay a trap for Zoom.

The plan is to pretend that Dr Light has killed him, take his emblem and throw it through a breach as proof.


This will then bring Zoom through to confirm the kill and retrieve Dr Light. Earth-2 Harrison Wells has been working on a speed dampening device to use on Zoom and needs Cisco’s help to create a way to administer it. Barry is confident the plan will work but the other’s are not so sure. They think Zoom is too strong and fast!

The plan hits a snag when Dr Light uses her powers to turn invisible, hack into S.T.A.R. Labs security network and escape. If only Cisco hadn’t have opened the cage as soon as he thought she wasn’t in there! But don’t worry, Barry (and Iris) come up with an alternative. They are going to use Earth-1 Linda Park to pretend to be Dr Light and carry out the plan.

Cue a quite funny training montage where Linda is trying to master the Dr Light outfit (which has working light gloves developed by Cisco and Wells).

cut out

Cisco just happens to have some cardboard cut outs of the team Linda can practice on, and the team should know never to high-five someone who can shoot destructive energy from their palms!

training 2

The team have no confidence in Linda’s ability to pull this off and think it is too dangerous. Joe tries on at least two occasions to pull Barry back and convince him to try another way. He says going after Zoom now is premature and thinks he is deflecting his frustration at not being the one who stopped the Reverse Flash onto this new threat. Barry is adamant that the plan will work and is confident he can stop Zoom, he doesn’t want Zoom to hurt anyone else.


The plan does not work.The team stage the fight and the emblem goes through the breach but Zoom does not show. Barry admits that his drive is not all about stopping Zoom, he feels like ever since he didn’t save his mother he feels a void in his life.

Iris and Linda are back at the newspaper when Zoom arrives and takes Linda!!


He takes her to the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs where Barry confronts him. Zoom drops Linda off the roof and Barry uses his arm whirlwind skill to catch her safely.


Cue a short but visually stunning fight between Barry and Zoom! Barry tries to use his lightning bolt attack that Jay taught him but Zoom catches it out of the air and throws it back at Barry!


The two speed off into the city as Barry draws Zoom away form the Lab and then tries to nullify his speed advantage by engaging him into a free-fall fight! Needless to say it does not work, Zoom is clearly faster and stronger than Barry and easily beats him down.


Wells attempts to shoot him with his speed dampening device but Zoom catches it and uses the bolt on Barry! Zoom then proceeds to drag a helpless Barry around the city and parading him in from of everyone showing how their hero has fallen.


He takes him back to the lab and pulls of his mask and stabs him with his taloned fingers! Before he can finish the job Cisco is able to shoot him with the dampening device and Zoom takes off before it has a chance to take effect.

Barry is out for the count as Wells screams ‘Nooooooooo!’ visibly pissed at Zoom’s escape. Joe blames Wells for Barry’s injuries but Wells reveals his reason for coming to Earth-1, his daughter (more in a minute) He thought working with Barry could draw Zoom out so they could stop him.

Barry eventually wakes up after his injuries and will survive, but he can’t feel his legs!!!

We get a few flashbacks for Earth-2 Wells which explains his motivations.


His daughter ‘Jesse Quick’ has been taken by Zoom for reasons not entirely clear. wells sort of reveals to Jesse that he deliberately caused the Dark Matter explosion for science reasons.

Cisco also manages to use his ‘vibe’ on Wells. He sees that Zoom still has Jesse captive.


When Cisco challenges Wells about it at the end of the episode Wells says catching Zoom is the only way to get Jesse back. So maybe this Wells is only a dick for a reason and isn’t just a bad guy.

While all this is going on Barry and Patty are continuing their incredible cute relationship. Their chemistry is amazing and it really puts a smile on your face when they are together. Patty is the thing that makes Barry happy and he pursue that by surprising her with another kiss!


I want to see more of these two! How is she going to react when she learns about his injuries? Patty is starting to suspect that Barry and particularly Joe is hiding something from her. Joe shuts her down when she asks about the Dr Light case and then thinks Barry is involved with it too! Will she find out Barry’s secret?

There were loads of interesting bits in this week’s episode. Here’s the ones that jumped out at me:

  • Cisco and Wells modify one of Oliver Queen’s arrow for the speed dampening device
  • On a news report in one of the flashbacks, Earth-2’s Arrow has been unmasked as Robert Queen – Oliver’s father!


  • The news report is from channel 52 – another New 52 nod.
  • The report shows Jesse Quick’s phone as Wells is ringing her, this wasn’t needed to show she had been taken. A bit on the nose.
  • Barry uses his vibration voice when he talks to Linda! It’s been a while since he has done that.
  • Although how can Linda not tell it was him? Only his forehead and the bridge of his nose are hidden!


  • It’s ok though because Barry reveals his identity to her anyway! He really doesn’t care how many people know!
  • In Cisco’s ‘vibe’ on Wells he sees Zoom and Jesse. Why is he seeing them? In previous ‘vibes’ he has only seen the person he has touched in another location/time.
  • Zoom is very scary! A real villain! It’s about time the team faced someone that was proper evil!


  • Zoom’s multi-bullet catch was awesome!
  • Could Barry’s paralysis be a nod to the origin of Zoom/Hunter Zolomon from the comics? Hunter asks the Wally West Flash to go back in time to stop the accident that paralysed him.


  • Who is Zoom? He says the words “Never forget, I am the fastest man alive!” This is how Barry starts each episode. Could Zoom be Earth-2 Barry?

This was by far the best episode of the season so far. Quite a contained story line but still plenty of action and tense dialogue between the members of Team Flash. If we see more of Barry and Patty together that will be really good. I just hope that when she finds out he is the Flash that it doesn’t end up with her saying she can’t trust him anymore.


Earth-2 Wells is now a bit more human and not just a dopple ganger of the person that killed Barry’s mother. He has a heart and appears to have at least a sliver of remorse for the things he has done. I’m glad that Cisco is trying to embrace his powers and i can’t wait for him to suit up for the first time! Brilliant episode and leaving things on uncertain grounds very close to the mid-season Flash/Arrow crossover!

What did you think of this week’s episode? let us know in the comments below.

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