We now find ourselves sitting down to the third episode of Supergirl. The first two instalments have been a mixed bag. There have been some good moments, a fair amount of comic book references and some interesting character development, but the dialogue has been inconsistent, some of the effects have been amateurish and there has been so much over-acting from most of the cast. Let’s hope that episode 3 improves on what has come before. Here’s our recap and review!

As always there will be major spoilers for the episode below so stop now if you haven’t seen it yet! Go and watch it then come back here!

This week’s villain takes centre stage. A well-known DC villain, Reactron has been a thorn in Superman and Supergirl’s side in the comics for years. The show changes his look from the comics to make it slightly more realistic but the important features are there.

reactron2 reactroncomic

The animal-like face mask, the nuclear-powered chest-piece and his energy blasting gauntlets. After learning that Supergirl is related to Superman Reactron sets his sights on her!

Kara races to a multiple car crash only to be surprised by Reactron! After a few nuclear blasts


Reactron says that he wants Superman to suffer, and to lose everything like he did. The fight between the two may be short but it is really good. You can feel the strength of the two combatants. Kara has learnt from her mistakes and fights smart.

cape cardoor

She uses her indestructible cape to block some blasts , throws some punches in and then takes him down with a car door! His suit is damaged so he is forced to flee!

Kara reports back to the DEO where she finds out that Reactron is human and because of that the DEO won’t help stop him. It is outside their remit, which Kara finds ridiculous. The damage sustained in his fight with Supergirl forces Reactron to seek out an expert engineer. He busts into Maxwell Lord’s Lab and demands help. Lord offers himself in exchange for the safety of his employees.


Reactron tales him captive and forces him to carry out the repairs. Lord even offers to help heal his physical damage from the radiation he was exposed to. Why is he offering so much help? He is very willing to help….suspicious.

Supergirl and the DEO track Reactron down by tracing the unique radioactive material his suit uses and they also figure out that he blames Superman for the death of his wife as she was killed during a nuclear incident which Superman helped stop. Upon her arrival Kara frees Lord but is again surprised by Reactron. This fight doesn’t go as well and Reactron beats her down!


The Man of Steel himself has to jump in to save the day, although we don’t know what he actually does with Reactron.

He can’t have been locked up by the man in blue as he shows up at a Catco event looking for Supergirl. Once Kara has not so subtly changed into her Supergirl outfit, the fight that ensues involves a lot of collateral damage. James Olsen distracts Reactron by saying that he is Superman’s best friend so if he wants Superman to suffer, killing him would do that! Kara’s sister Alex and Director Henshaw use this time to advise Kara of how of how to stop Reactron. She needs to rip out the core of his suit, but not before encasing it lead to prevent a meltdown.


Kara melts a statue and coats her own hand in lead before using a flying take-down on Reactron. He loses his ability to fight for some reason and just relies on his energy blasts, which she just puts her hand up to stop as she creeps closer to him.


And as quick as the fight started, it is over. The core is removed and Reactron is down.

The theme of the episode seems to be the lack of faith that people have in Kara as Supergirl. Cat Grant starts this off during the impromptu interview Kara instigated at the end of the last episode. She expresses her boredom at the origin story as it has been heard before, and dismisses Supergirl’s powers as not up to the same level as Superman.


She only questions where she has been all this time. Why has she decided to be active now? And does she have any plans for a family?


During the interview Kara accidentally lets slip that Superman is her cousin, which of course is printed in the article that Cat writes on her. The media report this to the public which is how Reactron finds out about her!

Henshaw is not happy when he learn of the interview, and Kara explains that she agreed to do it because she is still trying to find out who she is and what her place in the world is. After her first fight with Reactron Olsen suggests calling Superman for help as even he has struggled to fight him. Kara sees this as him not having faith in her abilities and she doesn’t want the world to think that National City is vulnerable because Supergirl always needs help!

When Maxwell Lord is taken, Kara feels responsible for not stopping him sooner, but is still confident that she can stop him. That is until she wakes up in her apartment after receiving a beat down. She is very disappointed with herself and only feels worse when Lord goes on television to thank Superman!

We get a nice little comic book reference when James Olsen explains that he was the one that called Superman using his ‘signal watch’. Again Olsen has displayed his lack of faith and she tells him to leave!


Kara is feeling really down in the dumps when she attends the Catco event but her spirits are lifted by Winn when he rescues her from a difficult conversation with Cat, and then she gets a very close dance with James Olsen.

winnkara karaolsen

They apologise to each other and Olsen admits he was scared for Kara, that’s why he called Superman. He does have faith in her and displays this by distracting Reactron when he attacks because he knew Kara would save the day.

Alex convinces Director Henshaw to bend the rules and help Kara with Reactron and when she is successful he says that he will more than likely offer help in the future with similar matters. It looks like everyone (except Cat Grant) now believes that Kara can do good as Supergirl and is able to protect the city. She even starts to think that something could happen with her and James Olsen but her hopes are dashed when she interrupts a conversation between James and Lucy Lane!


She leaves them alone but uses her super-hearing to eavesdrop and learns that the two have some history, romantic perhaps? Even her cousin shows Kara his support by sending her messages on her work computer. These would clearly be recorded by by the company and the two are not subtle about each other’s secret identities!

Now the waffling is over, it’s time for the other interesting bits that jumped out:

  • Hank Henshaw still has some awesome lines, “Keeping up with the Kryptonians”
  • Cat Grant’s comment about her employees ginger hair is a little bit on the nose!
  • Kara thinks the name Reactron is ridiculous until she learns that James Olsen was the one who named him!
  • Winn has mad an awesome Supergirl ‘lair’ – in a vacant office in the Catco building. A good idea, although easy to break into and how did he afford all the tech he has used?


  • Winn and James continue their attempts to out do each other in Kara’s presence, but it is getting a bit boring now.
  • Olsen accidentally reveals that Clark Kent is Superman and Winn goes nuts!
  • Maxwell Lord is clearly going to be up to something. He is arrogant and rich but also smart, and is fishing for information about Supergirl from Cat Grant. Also is the train his company is developing important?
  • Cat calls Supergirl a ‘Millenial Falcon’! Even if it’s not I’m going to see that as a Star Wars reference!
  • Everyone seems to think that Kara will call for help the second she is in trouble, but so far in the series she hasn’t done this once!
  • Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant have a history. Romantic?


  • There is definitely more to Hank Henshaw than meets the eye, or should I say the glowing red eye! He can apparently sense people nearby. He must have some of his cyborg abilities already!


I actually liked this episode! I think things are starting to improve in almost every way. The fighting was good, the dialogue was much better, only the scenes where she is with her sister are painful. The sister scenes feel forced and out of place. It might be because Chyler Leigh (Alex)


appears to be given the same sort of dialogue every week, or it might be because the show seems to think that Kara and Alex are teenagers. Most of their conversations involve boys or clothes, and so far every episode has started with Alex being angry at Kara, but then apologising to her. They need to mix it up, and have Alex being more of an agent than a sister. It is good to see Kara excited to be the hero. She wants to help people and will rush to the rescue at the drop of a hat. She is even getting good at it, not being too over-confident and recognising that she needs help. I see much better episodes on the horizon!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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