We are back in Central city again! And it doesn’t take long to get right into the interesting facets of the episode! We last saw the Flash coming face to face with Earth-2 Harrison Wells after being rescued from King-Shark. His arrival was clearly going to unsettle Team Flash and it certainly does that! Let’s get straight into this week’s episode recap and review!

We start off on Earth-2 in a flashback and are witness to a presentation given by Harrison Wells at STAR Labs as he introduces some new technology that can detect Meta-humans.


From this scene we learn that Earth-2 had a similar Particle Accelerator explosion that created the Metas, but instead of Wells losing his Lab, his reputation and the use of his legs, this Wells has profited from it by developing the new technology. Jay Garrick (in his Flash outfit and still with his powers) arrives to interrupt the presentation and is clearly not happy with Wells. he claims that Wells caused the accident and created all the Metas including Zoom.


Jay says that there was a similar Dark Matter incident before the explosion months before the one that created the Metas and this was located within STAR Labs. Jay clearly thinks that Wells is up to something.

Back in the present and on Earth-1, Barry brings Wells to meet Team Flash. Wells claims to have come to this world to help the Flash defeat Zoom. it is difficult for some of the team to accept that he is here, this is displayed perfectly by Joe West as he pulls his gun and shoots Wells causing Barry to catch the bullets.

bullet catch

Barry explains who he is and says that it is hard for everyone but they need to hear him out and take what assistance he can give. Joe goes and tells Iris that Wells is back and gives her a gun for her own protection just in case. She deals with the news very well!

Wells quickly assumes the role of the scientific advisor in the absence of Professor Stein. But then Jay arrives, he gets really angry and says they can’t trust him. Wells explains that since Jay ‘left’ Zoom has got even more powerful and must be stopped.

Before I go any further we should talk about this week’s villain Dr Light.


Other than the name and power set this Dr Light shares very little with her comic book counterparts. Her power is derived from star light and includes blasts of intense heat and blinding light. Dr Light’s first attack on a Bank is sensed by Cisco and he tells Barry to go straight away but later deflects the explanation by saying he had a police alert on his phone about the bank robbery. As Barry tries to stop her she lifts her mask up to reveal a familiar face, Linda Park!

LindaparDr Light

Barry’s ex-girlfriend and Iris’s colleague at the newspaper, and all he gets for his trouble is blindness as she escapes.

Jay has encountered Dr Light before and says she is small time and isn’t a killer. Jay and Caitlin decide to try and draw Dr Light out so they can talk to her. Jay explains that he has fought and lost against Zoom on several occasions and admits that he is scared of him. They get a bit ‘friendly’ in the van and almost kiss but are rudely interrupted by  Dr Light as she blasts them.Dr Light greets her Earth-1 self and tries to take her kill her and assume her life so that she can escape from Zoom.


She inadvertently kills the newspaper editor and then gets a bullet to the helmet from Iris. Jay apologies to the team and says he thought he could reason with her and this leads Wells and Jay to have another argument and fist fight as Wells thinks Jay has deliberately failed to stop Zoom.

Using the mask from Dr Light, Wells reveals to the team that Cisco has powers (because he detected them through his Meta-watch) and then forces him to use those powers to locate Dr Light.

wellswatch ciscohelmet

When Barry confronts Earth-2 Linda it is Wells that steps in to tell him to try a new skill called a ‘speed mirage’. He creates copies of himself by running so fast that it confuses Dr Light and he manages to knock her out. It seems that Barry can only develop new skills when someone gives him a pep talk and says that they believe in him.


This success pushes Barry to convince the team that they need Wells’ help to draw Zoom out. Jay cannot accept that Barry is going to take on Zoom himself, but Barry says he isn’t alone he has his team. Jay thinks they will fail against Zoom and can’t trust Wells so he leaves. At the end of the episode we finally see what motivates Earth-2 Wells to come to Barry’s aid. Zoom has captured his daughter, who is none other than Jesse Quick!

zoomjesse jesse_quick

This explains Wells’ earlier comment “Everyone loses something they care about” It’s not clear whether she is going to have her speedster powers in the show. But I think she might develop them as a result of her experience with Zoom.

The main story of the episode was good and filled with mistrust, action and revelations but it was not all that was going on in Central City. Some of my favourite parts of the episode involved Barry and Patty Spivot. We finally get to see their relationship start! After some initial uncertainty from Barry, Cisco tells him that he should ask her out, here will always be reasons not to go for it. Barry eventually asks her to dinner and Patty is visibly excited about it!


The date could have gone very wrong because of Barry’s blindness but Cisco walks him through the evening with a special pair of glasses. Despite this, the date goes very well and Patty eventually lets Barry know that she has figured out that he can’t see! They are adorable together and share stories over dinner, and then they kiss!!!! I was so happy they didn’t drag it out or interrupt it.


They both needed a win and hopefully this will turn into something much more!

Cisco has a lot to deal with in this episode. He tries to show Barry how to ask a woman out, and fails miserably. He also has to deal with the fact that a dopple-ganger of the person who killed him is in town and the team are having to work with him. He explains to the new Wells what the other one did to him and while doing this reveals that Barry has time traveled before. It’s during this conversation that Wells’ watch detects that he is a Meta-human.

Should Cisco be telling Wells about Barry’s capabilities? We still don’t know his true motivations yet. After it being revealed that Cisco has powers he explains that he kept them secret because he didn’t want to turn evil and didn’t want the dead Wells to be right.


But the team accept it well and Barry and Caitlin even give him a name “Vibe”. At last he has his comic book name! He also gets lucky with the girl in the coffee shop! A certain Kendra Saunders asks him to be her guide around the city!

ciscokendra kendra

I wonder when he will find out that she is Hawkgirl!! Does she even know herself right now?

Time for the little extra bits that jumped out of the episode!

  • Iris is getting on well at the newspaper (at least until the editor gets killed). She is liked and respected as a journalist!


  • Barry and Cisco are really bad as talking in hushed voices about secret stuff. Why do it in the middle of a coffee shoo? Patty heard them talk about time travel!
  • The Flash can now catch people with sofas!
  • Zoom chose Linda Park/Dr Light to send back because he knew Barry had a relationship with her and it would put him off. How does he know? Is Zoom close to Barry? Maybe Zoom is Earth-2 Barry!!!
  • Iris is pretty nifty with a gun!


  • Caitlin and Jay’s ‘romance’ is boring and feels forced.
  • Caitlin keeps losing men! She really needs to choose her suitors better!
  • Wells is up to something! He is watching Barry, Cisco and Caitlin in the coffee shop. He knows a lot about Barry even though the Flash on Earth-2 is Jay. How does he know so much?

This episode was filled with really good bits, most notably Tom Cavanagh. It is not easy for someone to play the same character but in two different ways.


The new Harrison Wells is very different from the Reverse Flash Wells. As Cisco says “Our Wells may have been evil but you are just a dick!” The new Wells is awesome but definitely a dick. He is full of sarcasm and is obviously incredibly intelligent and he definitely has his secrets. He is also fulfilling the mentor role already for Barry. When Barry tells him what happened with the Reverse Flash, Wells says “well I’m not him”. The other Wells is gone and this one is different, they need to look at him as a different person.


Bring on next week as we get to see more of Zoom! From what we have seen of him already he is going to be Barry’s toughest foe yet and he looks evil as hell! (but also really cool). Who is Zoom? Will we find out soon?

What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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