Last week’s episode ended with Sara Lance being brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit. She has come out of the pit worse than Thea and is filled with an uncontrollable rage. This should make for an interesting episode as Laurel tries to bring back whatever is left of her sister. Here we go with our recap and review of episode 4!

There is no big bad guy this week. Instead the main enemy or rather enemies are some corrupt cops from the SCPD. Throughout the episode we see these cops led by Liza Warner (better known as Lady Cop from DC comics) stealing drugs from raids and trying to make money off them.



It is revealed that these cops are part of the SCPD Anti-Vigilante Task Force set up by Captain Lance. They have really good training and equipment that enables them to fight off Team Arrow very efficiently, even when the team have set a trap for the cops, they still manage to get away! We find out that Warner and the cops are stealing and selling the drugs because they feel like the city is dying and they need something to be able to provide for their families. It feels a bit like the writers couldn’t think of a better reason so they just stuck an old fashioned ‘heart in the right place’ motivation.

Warner and co end up kidnapping Lance and getting him to open a warehouse that stores all the confiscated drugs that are to be burnt. It is here that Team Arrow manages to put up a fight against them and it ends up in a stand off with Warner having sneaked up behind Oliver, stabbed in in the back and threatening to kill him. She is talked down by the main focus of this week’s episode, Captain Lance.

Lance is having a very tough time at the moment.


The budget for the SCPD has been drastically reduced and as a result the police are massively under-staffed and their resources are stretched way over the limit. Oliver knows that if he is going to be Mayor he is going to need the support of the Police so he askes for Lance’s endorsement for his campaign. Lance doesn’t really give an answer but it is clear that he doesn’t think Oliver running for mayor is a good idea. But for the moment he needs Oliver’s help to process some evidence as the police lab is underfunded and understaffed. This is how Team Arrow track down the cops.

If a struggling police force wasn’t enough, Laurel decides to mess with his head even more by bringing him to see Sara. Laurel explains how his daughter has come back but after looking at her he says “That isn’t my daughter”.

lance breakdown

There is nothing of his daughter left inside her. Laurel is certain they can bring her back if they just give her time, and Lance starts to wonder if she is right when Sara says “Who am I?” But this hope is quickly destroyed when Sara tries to choke Laurel.

This leads Lance to seek help from someone that he knows has knowledge of the Lazarus pit, Damian Darhk. The only advice that Darhk gives him as a Father the kindest thing to do would be to put Sara down permanently because she has no soul left! Not really what Lance wanted to hear and matters are made worse when Oliver and Felicity spot Lance and Darhk talking on some CCTV when they are looking for the cops.

damien lance

Oliver confronts Lance and we see possibly some of Stephen Amell’s best acting as he rages at Lance! The Captain explains the deal he has with Darhk and what is at risk, he says it has got out of control. This is not a good enough excuse for Oliver as he says that Lance is the main reason he is running for Mayor, he respected him and wants to be the man that Lance said he should be.


But he has lost hope now, if even Lance is dealing with the devil what hope is there for the city?

Lance has lost it, he cannot take anymore and goes to Sara to kill her. But Laurel interrupts him and he collapses in grief. It isn’t until they confront Warner that Lance pulls himself out of his funk and delivers a speech that inspires both Warner and Oliver to do greater things. He says that we need to believe that this city can be saved or else it is already lost. Warner gives her self up and Oliver’s faith in the city and Lance has been restored. In fact Oliver now wants lance to be his inside man, close to Darhk! It won’t be a simple journey though, especially now that Sara has escaped!

srar missing

As with The Flash this week, the main character of the show takes a bit of a back seat. Oliver’s main role is telling the team that he is running for Mayor (which the team are not very supportive about) and showing them the new Arrow lair (which is super cool and high tech!)


The lair was built with help from Cisco and STAR Labs. And has all the latest gadgets including Team Arrow suits in biometrically locked display cases.

The Flash backs are slightly more interesting this week. Oliver takes the woman he save to the same cave that he start off in when first rescued by Yao Fei all the way back in season 1.


He has her pretend to be dead because he knows the other soldiers won’t believe that he has done it. Oliver is threatened by one of the soldiers that if he is lying he will meet the darkness inside him! Ooo scary! Oliver takes the guy into the cave when the woman lays apparently dead. But as we expect Oliver has used the same trick he learnt from Yao Fei and has put her into a kind of coma state.


This convinces the solider and he leaves the cave, only to stumble across Oliver’s gear and discovering that he was sent to infiltrate the group! This won’t end well!

We see the start of Oliver’s Mayoral campaign and Thea taking on the role of his campaign manager.


The episode ends with Oliver giving his campaign speech and basically making fun of the person he used to be and saying that he wants to save the city. He didn’t have to lie, he just didn’t say what his methods would be!

There are a couple of scenes with Felicity and Curtis Holt as he works out that the problem with her phone is something to do with some old Palmer tech. He tries to convince her to listen to the last message of Ray Palmer that was recorded as a fail safe if the suit suffered a catastrophic failure.

felicity holt

Felicity doesn’t want to hear it as it would be too painful, but ultimately gives in when Curtis tells her that if he had a chance to hear a lost loved one then he would take any chance! We only get to hear the very start of the message before it cuts away.  There was nowhere near enough Felicity in this episode!

Now on to the other cool stuff I noticed!

  • I love how Curtis is trying to work out who the Green Arrow is! He will blatantly work out who it is soon!


  • The new Arrow lair keeps suffering from electrical ‘glitches’, but there is obviously something more to it! Could it be Ray ? Probably not but it must be important.
  • Apparently they don’t have a problem with bring people to the lair, first Curtis Holt and now Lance!
  • The Salmon ladder is back!

salmon ladder

  • Lance jokes about wanting his own code name so Oliver calls him the Detective! (Batman reference?)
  • Warner shot an arrow out of the air!
  • Diggle’s helmet isn’t a helmet it’s a face mask! This makes it even worse!


  • Thea appears to be much more restrained, almost as though nothing has happened to her.
  • “What’s in the box?!” Damian?
  • Ray’s password is password!

Not an action heavy episode but still really good. The relationship between Oliver and Lance has always been a roller coast, with Lance often taking the moral high ground. But now it is the turn of Oliver to set the example. It looks like Oliver has learnt from his mistakes and is really trying to do things the right way this time. The tension is beginning to ramp up and I can’t wait to see the point at which it explodes.


What trouble will Sara get In to? Will Laurel ever stop whining? What is Darhk up to and when will his HIVE friends show up? I sense that someone is going to have a big fall very soon. There are dark times ahead!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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