It’s time for this weeks Flash rundown! Lots going on in this episode and much improvement on the slight lull last week. Some new characters, family troubles and shocking revelations all around for the members of Team Flash. Let’s get straight into it, here’s a recap and review of episode 4!

A flashback to the Particle Accelerator explosion is how we enter this episode. We see high school Football player Jackson Jefferson having just secured the win for his team. His celebration is interrupted by the explosion and he ends up thrown against a wall by the explosion after saving his friend.

JjeffersonWe find out later that he is a Meta-human but only has latent abilities. Instead he has given up his dream playing college football because he was injured in the explosion. Jackson becomes very important to Team Flash, which I’ll get onto in a moment. He is a very different character from the rest of the series regulars, he is younger, and more street smart than scientific smart. He reflects the comic version of Ronnie Raymond more than Robbie Amell’s on screen portrayal.

The end of the last episode saw Professor Stein ‘flaming-on’ and the flames turning blue!

stein blueThis continues as we learn that his molecular structure is breaking down because he needs to be bonded with a matching partner. If he is not bonded he will die. For the moment the team rig up a stabiliser made from Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash wheelchair, but Cisco says its only temporary as he cannot work out how to power it. The hunt begins for a compatible match for Stein and the Firestorm matrix. Caitlin finds two matches, Henry Hewitt and Jackson Jefferson (see told you he was important).

Hewitt is Caitlin’s choice as he has extensive scientific experience and gets on well with Stein when they meet.

Henry_HewittUnfortunately the fusion doesn’t work and Hewitt gets very angry. As he leaves we see that the attempt has affected Hewitt in some way. Upon meeting Jackson Stein doesn’t think he is an appropriate match, and Jackson doesn’t want anything to do with him. Jackson does come to STAR Labs to see what it is about but refuses to take part in the trial, he doesn’t want to be a hero! All appears lost, Stein is out of options.

Cue this weeks bad guy. Hewitt’s latent powers have been activated and he has similar powers to Firestorm but with less control. His rage has gotten the better of him and he wants someone to pay!

HHewittThe team find out that he has a history of violence so they think they have had a lucky escape by not working with him. Caitlin’s goes to see Jackson to apologise for presuming that he wouldn’t be the best fit, and to try and convince him to be the hero that he is deep inside. She tells Jackson about her and Ronnie and then is interrupted by Hewitt on a rampage. Jackson ends up knocking him out and they flee to STAR Labs. The merger with Stein is complete and we have ourselves a new Firestorm!

newfirestormStraight away he gets a trial by fire and goes to confront Hewitt with the Flash. Hewitt for some reason decides to start his attack in the place when Jackson got hurt by the explosion. The team play on his rage and he gets his new name Tokamak. This is explained in a very scientific way, but basically it’s something that will blow a fuse if overheated.

hewitt comics-tokamak

The Flash and Firestorm taunt Tokamak until he burns himself out in a rage. An anti-climactic battle but good to see the new Firestorm in action and the way the show has done the internal voice of Professor Stein is really good! As with most episodes involving Firestorm though, he ends up leaving the team to go off for ‘training’ as a hero. Why can’t he stick around longer? I guess it’s because they don’t want to show too much of him before they really start getting into Legends of Tomorrow territory.

This episode isn’t all about action. Iris has agreed to meet up with her mother but it doesn’t go how Francine would have liked. Iris is strong and stern.

irsisfrancineShe asks why her mother is here? And then says she doesn’t want her in her life. But don’t worry Francine pulls out the guilt trip card when she tells Joe that…guess what…she is dying! (I called it!) When Joe tells Iris this she doesn’t believe it, and it forces her to investigate further. This leads to one of the big reveals of the episode. Francine has a son, whom she fells pregnant with before she left Central City! I think it’s safe to assume that this son will be Wally West as we know he was cast for this season.

wallywestBring on another potential Speedster!

Oh and in other news  Earth-2 Harrison Wells is up to some mysterious tricks! He is seen stalking Cisco in STAR Labs, stealing something from Mercury Labs and then rescuing the Flash and Patty Spivot from a fairly new comic character and an unexpected appearance of King-Shark.

kingsharkKing Shark’s presence had been teased throughout the episode as Patty had been investigating some shark teeth that turned out to have human DNA. Is Wells a hero? King-shark says that Zoom sent him, does Wells know this? He has some explaining to do in the next episode!

The Flash -- "The Fury of Firestorm" -- FLA204B_0127b -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as The Flash and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells -- Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Barry has taken a bit of a back seat during this episode but when we do see him he is being the moral centre on many conversations. He tries to get Jackson to realise his potential and advises Joe to tell Iris what her mother told him. Barry does get his own screen time though and spends most of it flirting (and then denying he is flirting) with Patty.

barrypattyBarry tells Joe that she is adorable and Joe asks him why he won’t ask Patty out. It’s because she isn’t Iris and Joe gives him a reality check by saying they he won’t feel the same about anyone they way he feels for Iris. He needs to explore other option 😉

As always here’s some other things that stood out for me in this episode!

  • Stein has a super cane made out of Wells’ wheelchair, thus made of future technology!
  • When Jackson is exploring STAR Labs Cisco name checks the cosmic treadmill!


  • Cisco really badly pretends that he would be happy to have superpowers!
  • Patty is really uncomfortable with lying, so we can be safe in the knowledge that she is a good character, unless something turns her bad! Or we meet an evil Earth-2 Patty. Will we see her as Hot Pursuit?


  • Caitlin is really trying to get rid of anything related to Ronnie! She deletes him from the Firestorm entry on the STAR Labs computer, and then gives Jackson the compass that helped ‘show him the way’! She is going to be in trouble if/when he comes back!


  • After Stein gives him a pep talk, Cisco is starting to consider embracing his peers and telling the others about what he can do.
  • We are used to the opening monologue of these comic book shows”My name is Barry Allen…”, but having a closing monologue felt a bit weird. It was almost like they had to give Barry something else to do because the show is about him and he didn’t do much this episode.
  • There was also a Convergence name check!

Convergence-Promo-fullQuite a lot to this episode. It’s really good to see how strong Iris is becoming. I can’t wait to see Wally West on the show and I really want him to develop powers. Maybe they can do his comic origin and have a similar accident to that which gave Barry his powers. The next episode needs to have more action for Barry as he seemed a bit useless this week. We are getting closer to the big reveal of Zoom, which may even happen in the next episode. As a side note, where the hell was Jay Garrick?! He wasn’t featured at all this week! Less Caitlin (unless it’s Killer Frost Caitlin), more Cisco, more Jay and a journey to Earth-2, this is what I want to happen soon!

What did you think of this weeks episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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