Even though our screens are crammed full of comic book based TV shows there will always be a special place reserved for Agent Carter. From her humble beginnings as the tough, no-nonsense love interest of Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger, she captured the hearts of everyone and has become one of the most important characters in the MCU. The first season of Agent Carter was very well received and served to give light on what Peggy got up to following Cap’s ‘Death’. Peggy isn’t a stranger to the big screen however as we have still had cameos from her in The Winter Solider and Ant-man. The next season will be returning in early 2016 so in preparation here are 10 things we want to see in season 2!

  1. Peggy to have a bigger role within the SSR


Season 1 had Peggy in an important Agent role within the SSR but she was often put down and dismissed by her male colleagues as just a woman whose only uses were filing and making tea. The end of Season 1 saw Peggy taking command of operations and shows her self to be a more than competent agent. The audience of course know she is better than all the other agents put together, she has saved the department on more than one occasion. It is about time that her achievements are recognised and she is given a position that reflects her skills. I doubt that she will be made head of the SSR but maybe deputy?



We know that the Strategic Scientific Reserve will eventually evolve into Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division that we know from the MCU. It will be interesting to see how this transition occurs. I imagine this will be a long process and wouldn’t happen overnight but Agent Carter is set roughly 60 years before Agents of SHIELD so maybe we will see the beginnings of the change. Even if we get a change in the name of the department it will be something. Peggy could have some input on the name that could link to Agents of SHIELD season 1.

ward shield

During Agent Ward’s interview with Maria Hill he is asked what SHIELD means to him, his reply is “It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out shield” Could this be because of Peggy’s love for Steve? Is this how she honored him by naming an entire organisation after his symbol?

What is Leviathan?


Leviathan was revealed to be behind many of the events of season 1 and several Levitation agents were revealed during the season. We have only had small teases of what Leviathan is through decrypted messages but not much more than that. We don’t know it’s motivation or what it wants. We don’t know the size of the organisation or who runs it. I expect this to be expanded upon in season 2 but I hope they don’t just reveal everything straight away. One thing we do know for sure is that Leviathan has been collecting weapons and technology for something. A large attack? Or lots of little ones? Who knows! I’m looking forward to a major Leviathan reveal, putting Peggy and the SSR into some real danger!

Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets


Parts of season one felt very James Bond-like. We got to see some of Howard Stark’s inventions, and some developed by the SSR. Some of these were very cool and gave hints at future technologies that we have seen in the MCU already. In particular the Stark armour vest, clearly a nod to the future Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour. This vest had its defects (locking closed and exploding while still worn by Roger Dooley!), but it was good to see some interesting tech. More crazy gadgets would be cool to see and being used by the Agents. We have learnt from Agents of SHIELD that the Howling Commandos had special kits filled with cool and interesting gadgets so maybe we could see these being developed by the SSR for the team.



Howard Stark’s ‘Butler’ went through his own evolution during season 1. From someone who just keeps Howard fed, clothed and surrounded by anything his money can buy, to an essential ally of Peggy and integral to foiling the plans of Leviathan towards the end of the season. We learnt that he has some secrets in his past, particularly involving his time during the war and his wife (who we still haven’t seen even though she was mentioned a lot). We need to see a flashback to the events around his getting his wife out of Europe, or what his role in the Army was as it clearly wasn’t just a standard foot-soldier.


Jarvis is a really likeable character and the friendship between him and Peggy is refreshing against the harsh realities of post-war America. I wonder if they will officially make him part of the SSR?

The return of Dottie!


The fights between Peggy and Dottie were raw and typical of the strong female characters we have seen in the MCU already e.g. Black Widow and Lady Sif. It’s not surprising that Dottie fights like Black Widow as they both went through the same training program but it’s impressive to see the acrobatic techniques at a time when women were still considered to be the weaker, fairer sex.


Dottie adds a special kind of crazy into the mix which makes her very unpredictable. Dottie managed to escape in the final episode after being out-matched by Peggy. This leaves things open for her return and I imagine she is going to be holding a grudge against Peggy so expect her to come back with added venom!

Peggy/Daniel Sousa romance?


Peggy and Sousa have been through a lot together. Sousa’s opinion of Peggy has changed dramatically through the season. From feeling pity for his female colleague when the other men belittle her, to discovering she has been deeply involved with the cases they are investigating, thinking she was a traitor and then the revelation that she was in fact working for the benefit of the SSR and the safety of the country.


The show doesn’t hide the fact that Sousa has a thing for Peggy and it’s clear that she at least is attracted to him. It could be good to have a romantic storyline between the two but there is a danger in that. The show has Peggy as an incredibly strong female character (stronger than a lot of the male ones) and having too much of her screen time taken up by a love story could detract from what makes her so awesome. I think they just need a fling and then for Peggy to make it clear that she will not be tied down just because she is a woman.

The Invaders


There have already been a fair few comic book references in the show so far but most of them have been in the form of foreshadowing for things we have already seen e.g.  Stark technology, Black Widow. I think it will be good to throw in some references to comic books that were about at the time. Maybe the introduction of some Invaders characters, or at least a nod to them. In Captain America: The First Avenger (Peggy’s debut) we get a small Easter Egg of the first Human Torch during the Stark Expo.


If they bring him into the show in some form or even reference him, the fan-boys (including myself will go nuts). It might be a stretch but Agent Carter could be the right place to introduce Namor: The Submariner for the first time.  It will push the boundaries on the realism of the show but I think every comic book based product should have an element of the fantastical.

The Howling Commandos


Dum Dum Dugan and the team were a really good addition to the show. It was good to see another character that first appeared on the big screen show up, if only very briefly. It is clear that Peggy and Commandos have been on a lot of missions together, it would be good to see that continue and them have more of a role in the SSR missions. It might be difficult considering that Neil McDonagh has been quite busy playing Damien Darhk on the CW Network’s Arrow. They could even bring the Commandos back to work with the Invaders? (I’m really stretching things now)


And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see more of that amazing Bowler hat and moustache combination.

The Winter Solider


Anyone who reads these posts will know that I am a huge fan of crossovers. With shows like Agent Carter the possibility of a crossover is very likely. Sharing characters is troublesome when the shows or films are set at different times but characters like the Winter Solider could solve that problem. We know that Bucky Barnes didn’t die and was captured, brain-washed and used as a Soviet assassin for decades. It is therefore likely that he could have been utilised at the time that Agent Carter is set. I don’t think they will be able to actually feature Sebastian Stan on the show but I think they should make reference to a mysterious assassin working for the Soviets.


We already know that Arnim Zola is involved with Leviathan, and as he is the one that creates the Winter Solider, it makes sense to feature him in some way. Even if we only see glimpses, like the schematics for his metal arm it will be really good.

What did you think of this list? Are you looking forward to the next season of Agent Carter? Let us know in the comments below.

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