This week’s instalment was not short on tension. There was plenty of action, revelations and danger for the whole of Team Arrow. The title of episode is “Restoration” and this theme can be seen throughout in a variety of different ways. Each of the main characters has their own arc developing, none of which seem particularly hopeful! Here’s the episode 3 recap and review!

Let’s start with John Diggle.

John_DiggleHe gets a lot of screen time this week and the focus is on his relationship with Oliver, he is still harbouring hatred and distrust because of what Oliver did to his family in the previous season. It would upset anyone if someone kidnapped their wife and threatened to kill her! Diggle is working with Oliver but he withdraws from anything other than working to protect the city. We see him attempt to take down a couple of “Ghosts” and he succeeds in removing the cyanide filled tooth from one, although he ultimately escapes. During this sequence a Ghost has a chance to kill Diggle outright, but he doesn’t even shoot him, he just runs away; I wonder what that is about?

Later on we get to meet an operative from ARGUS who has some new information about HIVE. He gives Diggle some information on a woman called Mina Fayed, who hired Deadshot to kill his brother Andy.

minafayedShe appears to be deeply involved in HIVE operations. Diggle takes off to track her alone, and of course it all goes wrong and he has to retreat, losing contact with Fayed. Realising he cannot do this alone anymore, he tells Oliver about HIVE and his investigation and they start trying to work together.

OTA2Fayed is the link between Diggle’s and Oliver’s own investigations as she is the one who hired this episodes Meta-Human. Diggle has been frustrated that he hasn’t been able to gain any ground on HIVE and apologises to Oliver for not letting him help, but after Oliver takes a bullet, or more accurately a ‘card’ for him, the trust starts to develop again.

OTAIt’s good to see the old gang back together, or as Felicity calls it O.T.A. (Original Team Arrow), the prickly relationship between Oliver and Diggle was just starting to get old so I am glad they are trying to build bridges between the two.

We don’t get to see an awful lot of Oliver this week as the focus is on the secondary characters, but most of his screen time is taken up by fighting a Meta-Human. This week it is the turn of Double Down, a man who was in Central City at the time of the Particle Accelerator explosion.

DDown He was having a tattoo at the time so he now has the ability to turn his tattoos into lethal weapons, Much like Marvel’s Gambit, he uses cards (made from his tattoos) as lethal projectiles. Oliver is not equipped to deal with Double Down himself and loses his first encounter with him. It is only after he and Diggle agree to work together restore their trust in each other (after Oliver taking the card to the chest as previously mentioned!) that they are able to take him down, with some help from Diggle’s Bolas-like gun!

It is the flashback scenes that are of more interest this week. Oliver is now part of the armed group on Lian-Yu under the leadership of Baron Reiter (aka Baron Blitzkreig from DC comics). Although he only shares the name with his comic counterpart.

Arrow-season-4-Baron-BlitzkriegHe is guarding a bunch of slave workers. It looks like they are involved in some kind of drug production and it falls to Oliver to try to obtain some information from the workers. He actually volunteers to torture a guy to get information from him. He does this just so he can get one of the workers away from the group and gain her trust.

FBtortureWe still don’t know why he was given this mission by Amanda Waller, but it is showing how Oliver’s dark side is well and truly active. He will do anything to get what he wants.

Laurel and Thea arrive at Nanda Parbat to ask the new R’as Al Ghul to let them use the Lazarus pit to bring Sara Lance back.

laurelmerlynMalcolm Merlyn refuses outright as he says that Sara will come out forever changed, it has been too long since she died. She will absorb to many souls of past pit users and it will torment her. Even Nyssa says she wouldn’t use the pit to bring Sara back as it wouldn’t be the same Sara but Laurel still wants it to happen.

laurelcoffinMalcolm is aware of what Thea is going through and tells her that the blood lust she is feeling can only be quenched by killing. He tells her that she needs to give into it or it will consume her, but she refuses and will not kill. He suggests that she could visit a sage in the nearby mountains to help her, but this turns out to be a lie and just a way to keep her around long enough so he can arrange for two league men to attack her.

theakillsShe promptly kills them in a very violent way and Malcolm appears to inform her that she won’t feel the need to kill for weeks. He will do anything to help his daughter, even if it involves lining people up for her to kill. He says that her rage will not disappear until she kills the one that wronged her. This is the effect of the pit. Unfortunately for her, it was the previous R’as that almost killed her, and he is now dead. Does this mean that she will never be cured?

Thea sees his method of assistance to be horrific and as he appears to have no choice left, Malcolm offers to put Sara’s body into the pit in an attempt to restore Thea’s conscience. This is a ridiculous thing to do because when Sara comes back to life she is going to want to kill the person who wronged her, this person is Thea. By bringing Sara back Malcolm will be putting his daughter in danger. This obviously hasn’t occurred to him!

sarapitAs it is the pit works and restores Sara to life, and of course she is filled with so much rage. She appears to have lost all of who she was before and has to be chained up to keep everyone safe! Was it worth the costs Laurel?! Not for Malcolm it isn’t as Nyssa destroys the pit so that Malcolm can now be killed permanently!

Felicity and Curtis Holt get a lot of screen time together. Holt is working on the new tech she asked to come up with. And it appears to be a version of Mr Terrific’s T-Spheres!!

TspheresI am so happy that these are in the show, and when they are working it is going to be awesome. Felicity asks Holt to analyse one of Double Down’s cards to see if they can locate him, and it turns out he can sense where his cards are (as they are technically part of him) and he shows up at Palmer Tech. This leads to Felicity and Curtis fleeing the lab and being chased into the Arrow lair by Double Down, who just appears out of no where! How did he get into the secret lair?!

felicitygunFelicity ends up shooting him with a machine gun and he flees. Even though Holt now knows that Felicity works with the Arrow, he doesn’t know that it is Oliver Queen. He likes that his boss is helping to make the city a better place as this is exactly what he wanted to do.

felicityholtFelicity is taking on a very dominant role this season, she basically slaps Oliver and Diggle into trusting each other again, and has embraced being the boss of Palmer Tech. It is much better seeing her with power rather than as just an assistant, although it appears that she has lost some of her tech know-how because every time her phone plays up she doesn’t think it is weird or try to fix it. It’s pretty obvious to me that Ray Palmer is trying to communicate with her through her phone, as it is probably the only way he can get her attention. I’m sure they will expand on this in the next episode as the rest of the team still think he is dead, but we know from the Legends of Tomorrow trailer that he is in fact just very very small.

There was a lot in this episode and it got a bit crowded at times. We didn’t see much of the main character of the show, but I found it refreshing to have the focus on some of the other characters and let them work through their own stories. Here’s some other things that jumped out at me in this episode!

  • Felicity is able to remotely control a crane, somehow.
  • Malcolm and Nyssa’s “sparring” match is a pretty good fight. She really wants to kill him!


  • Malcolm uses the Lazarus waters like a band-aid, healing small cuts!
  • Nyssa calls Thea her sister-in-law, i almost forgot that she and Oliver are still technically married!
  • Mina Fayed works closely with Damian Darhk (until he kills her), and she mentions his partners in HIVE on their way, Project Genesis and Phase 3. What do these mean?
  • The odd pun slips through now and then, when Darhk agrees to let Double Down take Oliver out his says “Deal”. How long do you reckon it took the script writers to work a playing card reference into the dialogue?
  • Darhk asks Double Down to try and kill him and stops a card mid-flight before directing it into the throat of Fayed.


  • Oliver and Diggle’s double car roll was awesome!
  • Double Down was scared of Damian Darhk and not the Green Arrow!
  • Oliver is working on a new Arrow lair as a suprise for the Team (using Palmer Tech money from his girlfriend I assume!)

oldteamThe show appears to be heading down a very dark path with things only getting worse for Team Arrow. What will Sara’s resurrection mean and how will the rest of the team react. How will Lance react to see his daughter back from the dead again?! How is Thea (and Sara) going to deal with the rage building up inside?

srarrageWhat is going on in the flashbacks? How many people use Lian-Yu? Hundreds it would seem. It was a good episode but I hope some of these questions get answered soon. More questions are brought up every episode and more things teased but we need at least an indication of where things are heading. I know there is going to be a major cameo coming up soon that will be interesting but I genuinely have no clue where many of the story arcs will culminate. I find it equally frustrating and addictive not knowing!

constantine-S1-001f Coming soon……


What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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