This weeks episode of The Flash was a much more human one. There was less focus on the super-powered aspect of the show and we had a closer look at the relationships between some of the regular characters. Of course we still got to see Barry doing some super-fast stuff but the episode was all about family. Here’s our recap and review!

We had no new Meta-human this week, instead we got the return of a couple of Rogues. Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and his sister Lisa Snart aka Golden Gilder.The main story running through the episode is that Lisa thinks Leonard has been kidnapped and has come to Team Flash for help. It turns out that he hasn’t been kidnapped at all but is being force to work for their dad Lewis Snart (played by the awesome Michael Ironside!). He is a big time criminal, often in and out of prison, and all round bad guy.


Lewis has put a Thermite bomb inside Lisa’s head and is threatening to kill her unless Leonard helps him with a diamond heist. This is where the human aspect of the show comes in, we see a softer side of Captain Cold as we now that his weakness is his sister. He will do anything to protect her including working with their abusive father. As a side note, why is it that female villains in TV shows always have to have a history of abuse? Why can’t they just be bad people? There are plenty of male characters that are just bad for the sake of being bad!

In the end Snart kills his dad with the help of Team Flash (which he could have done at any point I might add! Freezing the bomb trigger then killing his dad perhaps?) when Barry questions why he killed him all I could think was that Barry really couldn’t criticize, he has killed two people this season already! There are plenty of interesting things about the main storyline, the best part is Barry and Captain Cold’s relationship.


They have a kind of loathing/respect arrangement. Neither of them likes what the other does but they kind of accept it and both work to their own moral code. Snart does remind him that he knows who he is and can tell anyone at any time so he needs to stay out of his business, but Barry says he can’t do that if people are going to get hurt.

During the heist we get to see some cool stuff, Barry has infiltrated Snart’s crew to help Leonard stop his dad, he uses his tech knowledge to get in, and uses ‘super-keypad’ skills to try out every combination possible to get into the vault. When he is successful Daddy Snart shoots him! Of course this was going to happen! This guy puts bombs in people’s heads, he isn’t just going to let someone he doesn’t know live once he has used him.


Barry managed to catch the bullet though (which was pretty awesome). After daddy Snart has been dealt with Barry and Leonard have a chat where Barry says that he could be much more than a villain, and he says to Joe West that he won’t give up on seeing the good in Cold – obvious Legends of Tomorrow foreshadowing!

Cisco was essential in the resolution of the Snart family crisis. Golden Glider came to him for help and he ended up creating the compressed air gun that removed the bomb from her neck. It is the relationship between Cisco and Lisa Snart which is the best part of this episode. Even though he doesn’t trust her, Cisco still has feeling for Lisa and she plays off this.


I think she holds some genuine affection for him too but it would never work because of the type of life she chooses to lead. Their verbal sparring matches are a refreshing change of pace to the rest of the episode, I wouldn’t be sad if I saw more of these two together.

The other big story in this episode involves the West family. At the end of last episode we are introduced to Francine West, Iris’ mother and Joe’s wife.


We learn that she used to be a drug addict and the last time Joe booked her into rehab she escaped and ran away. Joe decided to tell Iris she was dead as he didn’t want her in his daughter’s life. Francine is now back and wants to be a mother to Iris but Joe doesn’t want that to happen. He tells Barry that he thought Iris wold have been sent down a different path if she had been raised by her mother. Barry is the moral compass for Joe and tells him that while he did the right thing for Iris when she was a child, she is a grown up now and deserves the truth.


Joe ends up telling Iris, who of course is shocked and confused but she understands the decision to cut her out of their life. We are seeing a much stronger Iris this season, she is not helpless anymore and we will undoubtedly see this story arc pan out over the next few episode as she meets her mother. Be warned Francine, Iris is not to be trifled with!

The rest of Team Flash are trying to harness the power of the biggest of “52 breaches” between world, which is inside S.T.A.R. Labs and use it as a doorway between the world. Barry immediately tries to run through it but fails, Jay Garrick, Professor Stein and Caitlin Snow start trying to develop something called a Speed Cannon which would enable them to pass through the breach.


We see more interaction between Caitlin and Jay, he is frustrated with not having his powers but she reassures him by saying that he can still do so much good with his skills and the kind of person he is. We get a brief mention of his heavy water origin again, and also a throw-away comment about the Particle Accelerator explosion in his world! So it happened there too! When the Speed Cannon is complete Jay is able to go home, but Caitlin convinces him to stay to help out with the Zoom situation (and because she looooves him!).

The most important part of this scene however is Professor Stein. In the last episode he collapsed for an unknown reason, and he is shown to still be suffering somewhat now. It gets much worse when the Firestorm matrix appears to activate itself as Stein’s head and hands burst into flame, which then turns blue!


He is clearly unstable and something needs to be done fast! It made me think of Deathstorm from the DC comic series Blackest Night where a dead Ronnie Raymond is brought back to life as an undead, Black Lantern ring-wielding monster.

As with most episodes in the show, it ends with a big tease for the next episode and this one is a good one. Harrison Wells from Earth-2 comes through the breach into S.T.A.R. Labs!!!


He has a very menacing look on his face and we have no idea what he is up to but this is obviously going to cause a lot of fear and uncertainty within Team Flash!

There was a lot of stuff in this episode that deserves a mention so here’s a rundown of the other cool bits!

  • Iris is a proper investigative reporter now, she has to be rescued from some gunmen by jumping out a skyscraper window and Barry catching her!
  • Jay has had a haircut!


  • Barry and Patty Spivot continue their flirting, and Patty even gives him her number! I’m looking forward to their dating and when she inevitably finds out that he is the Flash.


  • Barry doesn’t disguise his voice in front of Golden Gilder at all, she sees him in the coffee shop and as the Flash, anyone could work out it was him!
  • Cisco has upgraded the Flash suit again, giving it thermal threading which thaws Barry out from Snart’s cold gun!
  • The thermite head bombs seem very similar to devices used by Amanda Waller and Argus in Arrow. The Suicide Squad are controlled by the same sort of thing!


  • Joe West has no love for super-villain names like Captain Cold
  • The security guards protecting the diamonds are rubbish! They let Snart’s crew in because Barry says the blocked up toilets will get them into trouble!
  • There has to be more to Francine West than just wanting to be a mother! Is she perhaps from Earth-2? Is she a Meta-Human? I hope there is something she isn’t telling Joe. Maybe she is dying which is why she wants to reconnect with her family!
  • Wentworth Miller’s acting is much better in this episode! It feels more fluid and natural, his scenes with Barry are funny and engaging.
  • Michael Ironside and Peyton List (Golden Glider) have played father and daughter before! They appeared on Smallville as General Sam Lane and Lucy Lane respectively, so they have comic book experience!


The episode wasn’t as hard-hitting as the previous two. It was more down to earth and had less of a super-powered feel to it. It was clearly more a set up for Legends of Tomorrow in that it shows the potential for Captain Cold to be a hero and that he is motivated by more than just the need to steal. He wants to protect his sister, at all costs. There were a lot of things that happened during the episode that are leading to other events, I just hope it doesn’t take to long to get there. It was a good episode but not the best. I think the next installment needs to have an epic battle with a Meta-human or maybe even a Zoom introduction.

There are some things that I know will be happening soon but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone reading this! Let’s just say things are going to be ‘hotting’ up very soon!



What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comics below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @JackGeekstalk and check out our YouTube channel JackGeekstalk for all kinds of geeky news reviews and discussion!

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