The Flash continued this week with its second episode and the focus of the season started to reveal itself. We have more new characters and explanations for things we learnt in the previous episode! I’m going to assume that the majority of people who will be reading this have already seen the episode, so instead of me giving you a run down of the events I’ll just be giving you an overview. Here’s our recap and review!

We get to see a lot of Jay Garrick in this episode. He has been in Central City ever since the singularity was opened at the end of season 1. He has been observing Team Flash and waiting for the right time to come to them for help.  He needs helps because he has lost his powers. He was transported from his world to this one during a fight with Zoom and it robbed him of his speed. We get to see him in his Flash suit later on in the episode, which doesn’t look anywhere near as practical as Barry’s suit.

jaygarrickAnd we also get to hear his origin. They are keeping his comic book origin where he was involved in an accident with a Heavy Water experiment! I like the introduction of Jay to the show, it looks like he is going to be a combination of teacher and father figure, a bit like Harrison Wells crossed with Joe West. He has experience with the speedforce so is in a unique position to be able to aid Barry.

barryThe problem with this is that Barry does not trust Jay. In fact he doesn’t trust anyone anymore. The man he trusted and respected (Wells) turned out to be the man who killed his mother. He feels that he now has to keep everyone at arm’s length to avoid a similar betrayal. He is only brought out of this funk through circumstance and after a lecture from Iris. After finally accepting Jay’s help Barry starts working on a new ability, he can now create lightning from the speedforce and use it as a projectile. He uses this to great effect against the episodes villain! All is not serious for Barry though, we see his softer side when he meets a new season regular, Patty Spivot.

Patty is a member of the Central City Police Department and is trying everything she can think of to get onto the Anti-Meta-Human Task Force.

pattyShe is desperate to be on that team and we only find out at the end of the episode that it’s because her father was killed by a Meta. She is able to stand up for herself both in the police world and the science world, and has the  same nerdy sense of humour as Barry, especially their shared interest in Monty Python. Patty is obviously a fan of Barry and it’s clear that the show is going to tease a relationship of some kind with them.

The Flash -- During the episode she is the one kidnapped by the Meta-human and is rescued when Barry and Jay team up, so we probably won’t have to wait to long before the full on flirting begins!

Iris is now taking a more active role in Team Flash (now that she knows who the Flash is) And she appears to be acting as Barry’s conscience. In both episodes so far she has talked to him when he is being a bit of a stubborn idiot and this has caused him to change his behaviour.’s good to see that they aren’t just having her as the love interest in the show anymore. She needed something else to do, and she is still working at the newspaper so it makes sense for her to be useful in Meta-human situations. Will there be friction between Iris and Patty? Who will Barry choose? Or is the future still set?

Cisco is rapidly developing as a character in this season. He is no longer the intelligent comic relief. He is struggling with his developing powers because Harrison Wells told him that he gave the powers to him. If wells did it then it must have been for an evil reason. Cisco does recognise that the powers could be useful however as he starts actively using them to try to track down the Meta-human in this episode.

Cisco-visions-Flash-episode-202He is ashamed to use these powers and tries to cover them up, but Professor Stein isn’t easily fooled. After confronting him about it, Cisco tells him what is going on but makes him swear not to tell anyone else. All he wants is to get rid of the powers, so telling anyone else would be a bad idea. Cisco is by far my favourite character this season already and I like how they are making him more rounded and not just the guy who makes cool gadgets.

This week’s Meta-human was someone from Earth-2 called the Sand Demon. Jay had fought him before so he was able to train Barry to defeat him by throwing speed lightning at him to turn the sand into glass.

zommbreachWithout the knowledge to deal with him, he was quite formidable and did knock the stuffing out of Barry and Jay, but ultimately they were successful. In the course of the episode they learn that the big bad guy Zoom is bring Meta-humans from Earth 2 to Earth 1 and saying he will take them home only when they have killed Barry Allen. Jay says that Zoom is obsessed with being the fastest speedster ever so he wants to wipe out the competition. We don’t know why he wants this so bad, but something I was able to notice was that Zoom has a black suit.

zoomblackThe only speedster I know of with a black suit is the Black Flash. This character is the physical embodiment of death which appears when a speedster is about to die. Maybe the show is combining characters? or maybe they have just redesigned Zoom’s look.

There was so much stuff crammed into this episode that it’s difficult to remember it all but several things did jump out at me;

  1. Caitlin is getting over Ronnie’s “death” very quickly and flirting with Jay every chance she gets!

snowbarry2. The “Flash of Two Worlds” reference where the two Flash’s run to rescue Patty was awesome!

flash of two worlds3. Barry is much darker this season. He has felt betrayal and loss and it is eating him from the inside.

4. I was convinced Jay was going to get his powers back by Barry trying to hit the Meta with his new lightning, missing and hitting Jay by mistake. That could still happen but we will have to wait and see.

5. The multi-verse was really well explained, first by Jay in a simple way and then by Professor Stein in a much more sciency way!


6. We see the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells! He is alive, not in a wheel chair and described by a tour guide at S.T.A.R. Labs as the saviour of Central City! They are still giving us the tease that he is evil but I don’t think he is going to be the Reverse Flash or anything.

harrisonwellsJoe West’s estranged wife shows up! This is Iris’ mother so this is going to cause some friction for sure!

mrswest7. Cisco describes his powers as a “Vibe”, which is the name of his comic superhero alter ego.

8. There was a brief mention of 52 when they were talking about the multi-verse! This is a clear reference to the ‘New 52’ series!

9. Team Flash seems to have no issue with killing the Meta-humans in this season. They have transitioned from non-lethal to lethal between seasons. Pretty much the opposite of what the Arrow TV show did!

It was a really good episode with lots of easter eggs, superhero action and lots going on! I can’t wait to see more of Zoom and possibly a look at more alternate worlds. Hopefully Jay will get his powers back soon so we will have two Speedsters active at the same time! Cisco is still my favourite character but Professor Stein is catching him up. I’m really liking their relationship and look forward to seeing more of it! And I like how they aren’t shying away from the comic book aspect, they aren’t trying to make it too realistic! Bring on episode 3!


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the new episode recap and review!

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