The Netflix/Marvel exclusive show Daredevil was fantastic. Many people were worried that the Ben Affleck film had ruined the character forever but the show completely turned things around. There was a double challenge for this show, not only was it attempting to repair damage to a really good comic book character, it was also the first of 4 planned Netflix series based around Marvel characters, which will then all link together to form the Defenders.


The next show in this years long plan is Jessica Jones.

Here’s 10 things we want to see in the first season of Jessica Jones!

1.Who is Jessica Jones? – Many people will not even be aware that this character exists in the Marvel universe. She isn’t as well known as characters such as Iron Man or Thor, and until now she hasn’t been seen in live action. The first season will undoubtedly be more or less an origin for Jessica. From the synopsis revealed so far we know that Jessica used to be a costumed hero but has since given up that life and taken up work as a Private Detective.


I’m guessing they are going to do flashbacks to her superhero life to explain what she was able to do and why she gave that life up. Personally, I think JJ becomes more interesting when she stops being the hero and tries to be a “normal” person. She still gets drawn into the life because of various circumstances. We need to see an explanation of who she is, where she is, and why she is in her current situation. I think we are going to be able to relate to JJ a lot more than any of the other characters.

2.Krysten Ritter – The actress that will be playing JJ has been in a lot of other things before. The majority of the roles she has played have filled the same mold. Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Don’t Trust That B**** in Apartment 23 are all similar roles. Generally the friend of one of the main characters, the one encouraging others into bad habits or getting into trouble, all appeal to the same sort of audience and in my opinion fall into the category of trashy TV.


She also played the role of Jane, Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend in Breaking Bad, and I think this character is going to be closer to what we see in Jessica Jones. An independent, no nonsense person, trying to block out her past with alcohol/drugs who ultimately spirals into self destruction. Add into that mix a whole mess of super powers and super-powered people and it gets interesting. I know she has the acting ability to do this role justice, I just hope the show allows her to show it!

3.Real to Super – JJ will be the first Marvel/Netflix show to display proper super powers. Daredevil whilst based around a “Superhero”, it was far more grounded and realistic that the comics. Even his powers were briefly explained by him receiving extensive training (I’m sure this will be expanded on in season 2). JJ can’t get away from the fact that one of her main powers is super strength.


If they show how she got her powers, and then used them, it will be very difficult to make the show feel as real as Daredevil, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. We know that the shows are set in the same universe as characters like The Hulk and Captain America. There are powered people out there so it is only natural that the “super” aspect would show up in these shows. The challenge will be to have a super-powered character that is still a relatable person. I think this might be the reason we are seeing Jessica Jones before the other planned Netflix shows Luke Cage and Iron Fist, they are both characters whose powers are even further from real life. Cage with his strength and super-hard skin, and Iron Fist with his mystical energy based combat! JJ will be a good transition.

4.Sensible crossovers – We know that the 4 Netflix series are linked and will ultimately combine to form the Defenders, but it is important that these links feel natural. Hell’s Kitchen is the setting for each series but it looks like each character will have their own ‘beat’ so to speak, and these areas will have a certain amount of overlap.


We already know that Luke Cage will appear in Jessica Jones which makes sense as the two characters have a long history, but how much will the others feature? Surely we will get at least a mention of Daredevil, or maybe Matt Murdock will be involved in a case in his position as a defence lawyer that Jessica is tasked with investigating. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist pops up at some point.


They just need to make sure the crossovers make sense and aren’t just thrown in to make the fanboys happy! (Btw I do include myself in that group)

5.Luke Cage – Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have a very long comic book history. They have been friends, colleagues, husband and wife and superheroes, and they even have child together. From the promotional photos seen so far it looks like the pair are at the very least going to be close friends.


I would be very surprised if they did not make them a couple at some point, after all his would be the easiest way to have them crossover into each other’s shows. They have had their ups and their downs as all couples do, although most people don’t have to contend with super villains on top of normal relationship challenges. It will be good to see the couple verbally spar with each other, get into and out of scraps together and at least see the beginnings of a relationship by the end of the season. We don’t know how they are doing the origin of Luke Cage yet so maybe Jessica will be involved in this? And let’s face it, we need a super-powered couple in the MCU.

6.A Strong Female – For as long as comic book films/TV shows have been about people have been wanting a strong female lead. As time goes by and we get more male leads and women almost always as a secondary character the call for strong female characters gets louder! The female characters in existence are usually still pretty awesome but we are well overdue for the central character to be a woman.


Jessica Jones could be the first in a new trend of female heroes. She will be the first Marvel leading lady since Jennifer Garner’s Elektra (the less said about that film the better!)


and it looks like she is going to be a very strong character, albeit with quite a lot of flaws. The important thing is to not go over the top with it. There is no need to make her more masculine, or some kind of feminist extremist, or an exaggerated girly girl. The fact that she is a woman shouldn’t be the most important thing about the character. She is a strong character with a lot of potential stories to tell, just let the character speak for itself.

7.Private Eye – If you have read any Jessica Jones stories then it is more than likely that you know that after retiring from her superhero duties, she becomes a private detective. While a lot of her time is taken up with standard PI jobs such as tracing missing people or catching out cheats, she does a lot of work for the superhero community.


A lot of the costumed heroes know who she is and vice versa so it makes sense that when in need of certain services they come to Jessica. Unfortunately this often results in her being drawn back into he superhero life, which can be very painful, both physically and mentally! It will be interesting to see if they bring in some minor characters from other comic stories who need help. Maybe Foggy Nelson will show up for assistance or maybe even someone with S.H.I.E.L.D connections. What jobs will they have for her?

8.Captain Marvel? Ant-Man? – This might be a long shot but I think Jessica Jones could be the first time we seen Captain Marvel, or at least her alter ego Carol Danvers on screen in the Marvel universe.


The character has been rumoured to in the MCU for years and we she will be getting her own film in a few years, having been recently pushed back due to the announcement of the Ant-Man sequel, but maybe she will first feature here. Jessica Jones and Carol Danvers have been friends for years in the comics and have had their fair share of scrapes together and against each other. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have Carol displaying her powers here, but maybe introduce her at a time before she has abilities. Also tied into this, before JJ got together with Luke Cage Carol set her up with none other than Scott Lang, the star of this years surprise success MCU film Ant-man. The relationship was brief but no less meaningful. Maybe Scott will show up and it would be awesome if Paul Rudd was the one playing him. It could be the first concrete movie/TV show link, rather than relying on easter egg references.

9.Dark David Tennant – Some people might be surprised that Tennant was cast as the series first Villain but I am not. To many Tennant is most famous for his role as the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who, and is perhaps seen as a happy, moral and deeply kind person.


The Doctor however also has an incredibly dark side which comes to the fore every now and then, and i think it is this side of the character that helped him secure the role of The Purple Man in Jessica Jones. Otherwise known as Dr Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man has the ability to control and influence people just by using his voice. This has led to him doing some pretty nasty things and getting other people to do things they would normally never even consider. His history with Jessica Jones is possibly what the character is most known for.


Killgrave used his powers to subdue Jessica and force her to live with him at the same time as psychologically torturing her for months. She is only able to escape this hold after being sent to kill Daredevil, failing, being beaten up by the Avengers and being given psychic protection by Jean Grey. The Purple Man is a nasty guy and we have already been given a tease of his ability in the trailers. You can hear him whispering Jessica’s name, increasing the venom in his voice with each repetition, and we also see a collage of photos that Jessica has put on the wall of her office which depicts a pair of very Tennant-like eyes staring menacingly into the camera!


Will he have a hold on her from the start or will she come into contact with him through an investigation? How ever it happens the end result is not going to be good. Let’s see how dark Tennant can go!

10.Return to the Super life? – It is clear from the teasers that Jessica is going to start the series at a time when she has given up being a superhero. We may have some flashbacks giving us some background but she won’t be an active hero. It would be good to see her struggling to stay away from that life, especially if she deals with cases involving superhuman activity. Part of her will always want to be a hero and help people. Her comic persona only gave up the life after her ordeal with the Purple Man. I believe Jessica is going to have a form of PTSD and is still going to be struggling with what he did to her. As the show progresses and we move closer to the Defenders it makes sense for her to be more active in terms of being a costumed hero.


The question is will she return to that life full time or will she only dabble in it now and again when her friends need help? Will Luke Cage persuade her to put her spandex back on? Or maybe taking down Killgrave or some other threat will force her to bring her super strength into play.

I’m really looking forward to this series, following on the success of Daredevil I think it will achieve things that a film or a network run show could not manage. And i’m going to be honest, just as I did with Daredevil, I will be binge watching this and re-watching several times. Keep an eye out for my series review in a few weeks!


What did you think of our list? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @JackGeekstalk and check out our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk for all kinds of geeky news, reviews and discussions!

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