Arrow is back on our screens only a day later than The Flash. I’ve been looking forward to the new season to see what direction it goes in, as the last season ended on a very positive note! There was so much crammed into this first episode so rather than doing a full recap I am going to pull out the main events and let my fan boy mind go mad!

Oliver and Felicity are living happily in the suburbs in a perfect life. They have friends in the new neighbourhood, Oliver goes jogging, in a green hoodie (without anyone shooting at him) and they have brunch!


Their relationship feels natural, it doesn’t feel forced at all, and you can tell that they are genuinely happy to be together. Oliver has even had the tattoo that he shared with Shadow removed as he says he doesn’t need it any more.

The rest of Team Arrow are still at it in Star City (as is apparently now known), we see them trying to stop a truck carrying weapons defended by well-armed men.Thea is kicking ass and loving it and wants to be called the Red Arrow!

as4thea arrow_season4_diggle

Diggle seems to be taking a much harder approach and is just shooting people with his new guns that appear out of his sleeves, but I’m sorry that helmet is ridiculous, even with the visor! And Laurel is there as well, pretty much the same as she was at the end of the last season.

These “Ghosts” that the team are fighting have apparently been active for some time and causing a lot of trouble for the city. Laurel doesn’t think the team can handle it themselves and wants to bring Oliver back in already! Diggle in his role as the leader of the team doesn’t think they need him and wants to handle it. He is obviously stil holding onto a lot of resentment towards Oliver.

Lance is now part of a committee that is running the city in the absence of a Mayor as it isn’t a job with a long lifespan. The committee too is worried about the “Ghosts” and that worry is made concrete when Damian Darhk shows up and basically threatens the whole committee and their loved ones with death.


He wants the city to die so it can be reborn and that he will be in touch.

Back to Olicity, Oliver is going to propose! he has shown the ring to his Brunch friends in a brief scene before we are taken to the first flashback.

Its five years ago and Oliver is in Coast City, running after a drug dealer, past a billboard that teases something very interesting…


He seems to be starting his vigilante mission but isn’t very good at it as he gets knocked off a roof by the guy and then approached by none other than Amanda Waller, can’t say that I have missed her!

Back in the present all the committee members are attacked in some form, poisoned, stabbed or in Lance’s case ambushed at the Starling City Police Department by some Ghosts, only to be rescued by the Canary, although he does take a bullet for his troubles.

Back in the suburbs,


Oliver prepares his soufflé proposal only for it to be interrupted by Thea and Laurel asking for his help back in Star City. Felicity wants to help them but Oliver is reluctant but ultimately agrees.

Time for a blink and you miss it Easter Egg (which I did) At the beginning of a bar scene flashback where Oliver and Amanda Waller are talking the camera pans across to them, passing by someone wearing a pilots jacket with the name Jordan stitched on it. This has to be the missing Ferris Air pilot mentioned in the last season of The Flash, HAL JORDAN!!!!! arrowjordanotherwise known as one time Green Lantern! This is the second reference in this episode alone, they have to be bringing him into the show at some point. Or the showrunners are just evil, teasing us with something that would be incredible!

Oliver and co return to the city to deal with the issue and gets a prickly reunion with Diggle. He will only work with Oliver because he is willing to do anything he can to save his city.


Oliver automatically assumes the command role but then apologies as he realises he is taking over, but John shows that he is still very much the one giving the orders. It is then revealed that Felicity has been helping the team with things ever since they left. Oliver isn’t happy as they were supposed to be leaving this life behind.

We then see Damian in action for the first time as the team watch from the rafters, putting fear into his soldiers, he seems to draw the life force directly from one of them simply by putting his hand on his chest.


From this we can gather that he has some kind of power. The team at first think he could be a Meta-Human but Oliver says he has seen something similar before, and it is something more mystical.

As the team attack Damian’s crew it is clear that Thea has been affected by her resurrection in the Lazarus pit, she displays some rage as she mercilessly beats a guy on the floor until Oliver tells her to stop. It’s similar to the blood rage that Roy experienced as a result of the Mirarkuru.

seeking-advice-arrow-s4e1 (1)

Diggle compares this to Oliver in his early days as the Arrow and says that he is nothing but dark inside, Diggle doesn’t trust him anymore.

Another flashback and it looks like Waller has yet another agenda and has forced Oliver into a mission he knows nothing about. He is kicked out of a moving plane and parachutes on the island where everything began, Lian Yu.


Where he is immediately caught by an armed man. Who knows what else is happening on the island!?

Oliver has accepted that he will be staying around for a while and dons the new suit created by Cisco! It’s much more combat efficient and has lost the sleeves of his previous outfits. Confronting Damian on a train filled with explosives, Oliver fires several arrows at him which are stopped mid-flight simply by Damian raising his hand.


Oliver is outmatched in combat and starts having his life-force drained, he is only rescued when Diggle shoots Damian in the back, after which he has disappeared. The team have to blow the train up before it reaches the city.

Oliver mentions Damian Darhk having a HIVE of operatives, which causes Diggle to have his own flashback to when he was told by Deadshot that he was hired by HIVE to kill his brother. He brushes this off and clearly doesn’t want the rest of the team to know. Will he investigate this himself?

Oliver decides to give the city some hope in the face of the threat of these ghosts. He broadcasts to the whole city (whilst hardly hiding his identity at all) and calls himself the Green Arrow!


He wants Damian and anyone he is working with to know that the city will not lay down and die!

We see a brief moment where Damian appears to be praying or chanting to an artifact and symbols appear on his wrists after he cuts himself. Does this indicate that his powers come at a physical cost? There is definitely some magical aspect being introduced in this season.


But the most important part of this scene is that Lance has agreed to work for Damian! He is clearly not happy about it and still has to be threatened to do as he is told, but this is something I never thought we would see Lance do! He has betrayed his city and his friends!

The last scene of the episode is a powerful one. It is 6 months later, Oliver and Barry Allen are in a graveyard. There has just been a funeral for someone. There is a mention that Barry has been held up by Zoom (nice reference) but the most important question is WHO HAS DIED?!


Oliver is very upset about it so your mind immediately jumps to Felicity, but this could be too obvious. In actual fact it could be any member of team arrow. Arrow loves them all in different ways but we have no idea who it is in that grave!!

It was a really good start to the season. Almost everyone appears to have had some acting lessons since the last season, especially Stephen Amell, he actually has a personality now! Lots of typical Arrow action that I love and a new threat to the city to consider. Although this is now the fourth time that someone wants to destroy the city! Seriously guys, there are other cities! Leave Starling alone for a while will you! I’m really looking forward to seeing where this season goes, and whether they do introduce Green Lantern! Fingers crossed! And I think it is a very smart decision to send the show down a more comic-book route now that the audience is hooked. The time for realism is over, bring on the sorcerers and super heroes!


What did you think of the first episode? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @JackGeekstalk and check out our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk for all kinds of geeky news, reviews and discussion!

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