The Flash is back! It seems like an age since we last saw the red streak on our screens but Barry is finally back with the first episode of Season 2. Here’s our review of episode 1, and if you haven’t already worked in out you are now entering Heavy Spoiler Territory! You have been warned!

You will be forgiven for thinking that the opening to the episode is too positive, with Barry seemingly having saved the day from Captain Cold and Heatwave with assistance from Firestorm without much difficulty.


It is only when Team Flash are congratulating him that we see Eddie Thawne and Harrison Wells (who gets up out of his wheelchair), we know something is not right. It turns out this is a day dream and in fact Barry is alone in S.T.A.R. Labs.

It is 6 months since a hole was ripped between dimensions and a lot has changed.

singularityThe Team has fractured, mainly caused by Barry who has decided that he does not want any more of his friends to get hurt so he has taken it upon himself to be the Flash and has pushed everyone else away. Caitlin is now working for Mercury Labs, Joe and Cisco are working together as part of the Anti-Meta-Human task force, and Barry is doing his rounds as the Flash and rebuilding the city at night, in secret.

We eventually find out that Barry closed the portal with the help of Firestorm who ended up separating in the eye of the portal with the goal of closing the breach with the energy caused by the separation. It worked but there was a cost. As soon as you saw Ronnie volunteer to help Barry close the portal and he says goodbye to Caitlin after she tells him it’s too dangerous, you know what is coming.

Flash-Season-2-Firestorm-Ronnie-Death-ExplainedThe portal is closed and Barry catches Professor Stein as he falls from the sky, but Ronnie is nowhere to be seen and it is assumed that he has been killed. It is pretty evident that when they learn more about the singularity, the possibility will arise that Ronnie has been sucked into the Vortex and is now in an alternate universe, but we will have to wait for the show to catch up.

The closing portal sequence has some of the worst CGI we have seen in this series and it was on a brief shot of Firestorm as he flies up to the portal. It looks like his head is separated from his body and it is so bad that is jars you away from what is happening, destroying the fantasy illusion for a moment.

Because of these events Barry feels responsible for the death of his friends (Eddie and Ronnie), he does not want to attend the Flash Day celebration and is pushing everyone he cares about away.

After being given a talk, Barry does show up at the ceremony only for it to be interrupted by the first enemy of the series, a man who will later be named by Professor Stein as Atom Smasher.

atom-smasher atom smasher

A well known character from the comic, his power of molecular manipulation to increase his size and strength is displayed really well, and explained later on pretty well too. We also get to see a brief display of Cisco’s developing powers, as he experiences a vision-like moment, indicating that this person doesn’t belong in this place.

Barry initially takes AS by surprise in their first encounter, but then ultimately gets beaten down and has to flee. After this the rest of Team Flash flat out refuse to let him push them away and convince him to let them help, it is their choice. Barry and Caitlin share a moment in which she explains that she doesn’t blame him for Ronnie’s death, she blames herself, and it looks like there could be a budding romance here, Could SnowBarry become a thing!

snowbarryIn the final fight with AS, where Barry traps him in a reactor and floods him with too much radiation, it is revealed that someone called Zoom sent him to kill Barry in exchange for sending him home. Obviously creating questions such as who is Zoom? Where is AS’s Home? Why does Zoom want Barry dead?

zoomWe know that AS is a different version of the same person from this world, so obviously he is from another world/dimension, but we know little else for certain.

Harrison Wells makes a brief appearance in the form of a video message left to Barry in the event of his death. Barry is now the owner/caretaker if S.T.A.R. Labs and the video includes Wells’ confession to the murder of Nora Allen.

wells videoThis leads to Henry Allen being cleared of all charges and released. The welcome home party is a happy one, but then out of nowhere Henry turns into a really bad parent and says that he is going to leave. He doesn’t think Barry can be who he is meant to be if he is still around so he leaves. This kind of make his character seem like a bit of a dick. Barry’s motivation has been to set his Dad free, now that has happened Henry doesn’t even seem grateful.

henryI’m not happy with how they did this, though it is obviously a way of having Henry out of the way so they don’t have to worry about including him in the story.

The episode ends on a positive note, team Flash is back together, Barry’s suit has an upgrade, complete with white and yellow lightning bolt, we now have a Flash signal light (a la Batman)

flashlightand just as Caitlin is saying the security at the lab has been upgraded and nobody can waltz in……Jay Garrick shows up! Although not wearing his Flash outfit, which was pretty disappointing! He warns of a danger to their world!

Flash-Season-2-Jay-Garrick-ExplainedIt was a good opening episode to the season. it started a bit slowly but when the action kicked off it got better. Iris seems to have developed a personality between seasons and might actually be useful in upcoming episodes. Professor Stein has filled the role of resident smart guy in place of Harrison Wells, and I like it! He fits really well with the team. Cisco is by far the best character in this episode.


He is cracking jokes quite a lot but obviously still struggling with whatever is happening to him. I look forward to seeing more of Mr Ramon!

We know that Zoom is going to be sending a series of people in Barry’s direction to kill him, which will explain the “Weekly Villain” aspect of this season, I just hope they don’t keep Zoom in the background for too long. And they really should have had a proper introduction for Jay Garrick. We know he will be donning his suit, but they should have done it straight away! This of course might just be the fanboy aspect of me wanting more!


What did you think of the first episode? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for the next review!

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