There is no shortage of comic book based shows out there at the moment so what’s one more?


The Supergirl TV series is due to start shortly on CBS network and I’m sure we will eventually get it over here in the UK at some point. There have been several trailers released with quite a lot of content, and we know roughly what Kara Zor-el is going to be doing in the show but nothing much of the general story of the series.

Here’s 10 things that we want to see in Supergirl season

1.Not a Clone – The Superman franchise has seen many live action versions of its characters. Most of the time they focus on the last son of Krypton himself but we have seen a Supergirl film in the past and many other characters have made appearances on TV shows like Smallville and The New Adventures of Superman/Lois & Clark. We have seen Superman’s origin story in explicit detail through Smallville, and we have seen the more human side of his life in Lois & Clark.


What we don’t want to see in Supergirl is the same sort of thing. People are bored with it. So I think we should see a series that focuses on her being Supergirl with the human life being the smaller part. The initial extended trailer released did not do anything to inspire me with confidence as it appeared that the show was going to be basically Devil Wears Prada meets Krypton. The other trailers since then have been better as they show Kara involved in a lot of action and generally doing “super” things. So fingers crossed for a Kryptonian show instead of a human one.

2.Powers – The Kryptonian power set is well known but sometimes difficult to display on screen. It isn’t easy to show someone with ice breath or heat vision in a believable way and previous films/TV shows have missed the mark a bit. The heat vision was done best in Man of Steel as it looked like laser beams, as it does in the comics. For some reason Supergirl’s heat vision in the trailers is blue!


I hope they explain this difference as everyone is used to the typical red/orange beams. Maybe they are trying to show that it is really hot like a blue flame or something. it just doesn’t look right. The super strength on display is pretty good, as is how she looks when she is flying, that feels very inspired by Man of Steel and she starts flying using ever increasing jumps instead of just launching into the sky! The scene of her stopping what appear to be bank robbers looks good as bullets are bouncing off her so we could be seeing some really good action scenes, especially against powered people.

3.Recognisable comic characters – The main problem that the show is going to have to overcome is the fact that a lot of people know very little about Supergirl, or that she even exists in the comic world. Everyone knows Superman, but many people will just think of Kara as a female copy with nothing extra to be interested in. To help combat this introducing recognised characters will bring more people in as they are familiar with them.


That is why I think it’s good have Jimmy, sorry “James” Olsen in the show, and it’s good that they seem to being doing something decent with his character and not just have him as a nerdy photographer that is always getting into trouble. There have been reports that we won’t see Superman himself in the show, although there will presumably be scenes involving him but we just won’t see his face, or see him from a distance. Some people will also be familiar with Lucy Lane, Lois’ sister, who will be making an appearance in the show. Will she take on her comic role of Superwoman? I hope so! I just hope that the familiar characters don’t make the show feel like a copy of what has come before.

4.No Damsel in distress – A lot of TV shows turn their female characters into no more than damsels in distress needing to be rescued repeatedly by the hero. Even comic book based TV shows are guilty of this, even though people like Felicity Smoak are strong characters in their own right, she has been repeatedly rescued by one or more of the shows heroes. Supergirl has the opportunity to change this.


The title character is super-powered and there are very few people who would be able to rescue her from something that she can’t get herself out of. I’m guessing there is going to be at least one situation where Kara gets into trouble and needs one of her friends or her sister to help her out, but I hope this doesn’t happen too often. She is a Kryptonian after all! We need to see more strong female characters on screen!

5.The love of another – It is almost inevitable that there is going to be some kind of love story in the series, whether it will be a full blown love affair or just the beginning of something it will happen. We know from the trailers that Jeremy Jordan’s character Winn has a crush on Kara so something might happen there, but Kara doesn’t seem to be aware of his feelings.


What I don’t to see however, is the love story being the main focus of the season, and then when things go wrong in the relationship I really hope they don’t have Kara pining for the lost love. If her object of affections dies then fair enough, that is an appropriate response, but if they just break up that will be something we have seen all to often and is more suited to a show like Gossip Girl.

6.Present not Past – Starting up a new show with a main character that a lot of people are going to be aware of is difficult. Experience has shown us that one of the best ways to get the audience coming back for more is to make that character relatable. The first few episodes are going to feature Kara’s origin.


Whilst there are similarities to that of Kal-el, the show will have to explain why she left Krypton and how she is in fact Superman’s older cousin and why it took her so long to reach Earth. I accept that the character’s origin needs to be shown, but beyond that the focus of the show should be events happening here and now and not dealing with flashbacks. We may need to see some events that happened on Krypton to explain certain story events and characters but there isn’t a need for a huge back story. Arrow has dealt with flashbacks mostly well, they are required because there is a large time period where Oliver was missing to the rest of the world so an explanation needs to be given of what happened in that time, so it works for the show, but even Arrow has started to over use them.

7.Villains – We already know a few well known DC villains will be making an appearance in the show.

Peter Facinelli will be Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord will be popping up to cause trouble for Kara, but more notably Reactron will be showing up. In the comics Reactron is the bad guy that kills Kara’s Father. I don’t think they will do this story, at least not yet as it involves the city of Kandor being retrieved from Branianc and New Krypton being formed on the other side of the Sun.


But he has been a thorn in the side of Supergirl for a while so it is good to see someone who can go up against her.The character of Livewire has also been announces, and while she is traditionally a Superman villain, I’m sure the combat and story related scenes can be easily adapted to accommodate her involvement in the show. Greg Berlanti has stated that Kara will fight some of Superman’s enemies as it is acknowledged that Superman and Supergirl are around at the same time and obviously have some links. I just hope that the villains are not just push overs for Kara, especially as she is still new to the superhero life and is still trying to work things out.

8.Overpowered? – The problem that Superman and virtually all Kryptonians have is that they are almost unstoppable. They have very few weaknesses and if you take Kryptonite out of the equation then the only weakness they generally have is their own conscience.


It is important to show that Supergirl isn’t over-powered. I think they might get around this by portraying her as unsure with her powers and fairly naive so her enemies might be able to get one up on her. In the comics Superman has a weakness against magic but I don’t think they will be able to use this in the new show as they will the have to introduce a whole mystical aspect which will be hard to do. It looks like they are just going to have really powerful aliens and meta-humans for Kara to battle, but they will have to use Kryptonite otherwise she will be able to deal with anything, especially because it is suggested that her comic version is even stronger than Superman himself!


9.Crossovers – Before I say anything else, I know that this is unlikely to happen. Just because Greg Berlanti is involved in the project does not mean that they are going to crossover with the Flash and Arrow (even though Variety did an article on Berlanti and had both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist in full costume in the photo shoot)


But my geeky brain just wants all these characters to merge their stories. It could almost be like a TV Justice League being formed. We know that Ezra Miller will be the Flash in the forthcoming Justice League films so why not have Grant Gustin as the TV Justice League Flash, then we could get Arrow involved too! The TV shows would be a great place to introduce other yet to be seen characters such as Zatanna or J’onn J’onzz.

ztanna mini-martian

These characters are probably harder to explain quickly so putting them on a TV show would allow story arcs that last a few episodes, and the show runners wouldn’t have the same financial worries as the multi-million dollar film-makers. Just do it!

10.Cyborg Superman – We know that David Harewood is going to be playing Hank Henshaw who is going to be involved with the government agency tasked with dealing the Aliens etc.


In the comics it is Henshaw that ultimately becomes the Cyborg Superman. He is one of my favourite Superman villains and while not a major threat to Superman he has shown up time and again to cause trouble for various characters. when the world believe Superman to be dead, Henshaw put himself forward as Superman reborn and took the role for himself and has some quite heroic adventures but then ends up killing a lot of people when fighting among other people claiming the Superman name.


Having him be the Cyborg Superman would allow for the introduction of Lex Corp as he obtained his original body from the company. It could also be good to see his transformation from government agent wanting to do the right thing all the way to insane super machine. Lots of potential!

I’m reserving judgement on this show as the trailers so far haven’t filled me with confidence but I’m going to give it a chance! Who knows it might be fantastic or even Super!


Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @JackGeekstalk and check out our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk for all kinds of geeky news, reviews and discussions!

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