Gotham-TV-Show-Fox-LogoSoon our screens are to be taken over by even more comic book related TV shows, and the first to return is Gotham! The Season premiere has already aired in the US but like a patient fan I have not seen it as I am waiting for the UK release.

Some of you reading this may have seen the new episode already so you’ll know more than I do right now but here’s my list of 10 things we want to see in Gotham season 2!

  1. The Penguin

penguinThe end of season one suggested that Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot has now become a dominant figure in the criminal underworld. He has accomplished what he set out to do ever since joining Fish Mooney’s goon squad. I would like to see his power base grow even more and become one of the major players in Gotham. As anyone who has read the comics will know, the Penguin has been one of Batman’s main adversaries for many year. He is smart, tactical and ruthless, and whilst in recent years his influence has been diminished, he is always there in the background ready to pounce on an opportunity to gain power in the city. Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal of the Penguin is almost perfect. Seemingly mentally unhinged at times but always thinking several steps ahead of his rivals and ultimately turning his enemies against each other and seizing control. A stronger penguin will be and very dangerous threat!

2. Beginning of Bruce’s training

At the end of the season we saw Bruce and Alfred stumble upon a secret passageway in the Wayne Mansion which everyone has assumed will lead to the cave where an older Bruce builds his Batcave.

batcaveCould this mean we will start to see the beginning of Bruce’s training to become the caped crusader? It was his father’s secrets that led Bruce to this passage so what was his father hiding down here? Could Thomas Wayne have started out on a mission to right the wrongs in the city? It would be interesting to see this as the source of Bruce’s motivation to take justice into his won hands. Too many times have we seen Bruce Wayne take on his mission initially to find his parents killer, and then just decide to try to save the city. Having another motive early on could explain why Bruce is so determined to change the city that has taken everything away from him. Will there be gadgets? Secret files? Who knows!

3. Less Bruce & Selina

Sticking with Bruce for the moment, season 1 focused very heavily on his relationship with the future Catwoman Selina Kyle. I understand the reason behind this as in the comics Batman and Catwoman have had an off and on love story, with Selina sometime being an ally rather than an enemy. The thief with a heart of gold and the hero with a damaged heart seem like an odd match but it works. In the TV show the relationship is forced.

GOTHAM: Selina (Camren Bicondova, L) and Bruce (David Mazouz, R) dance at a charity event in the ÒUnder the KnifeÓ episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, April 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOXThere is no need to have the two children involved in a budding romance this early. It is enough to have them know each other and then maybe they can start something when they are both older. This season should keep the two apart a bit more and focus on each of them involved in their own world, Selina in the underworld and Bruce discovering his destiny. Their stories are more interesting separately.

4. Detective work

Season one started like any normal police show, if you didn’t get the comic references it would still have been an interesting and engaging police drama. About half way through the season proper police work disappeared and Jim Gordon ended up having to just try to live through a city-wide gang war. I think there needs to be a lot more case work involved in season 2. Jim and Harvey are a good team and investigating murders, disappearances and thefts etc grew their relationship from reluctant partners to close friends.

jimandharveyIf you add into this the introduction of more villains, comic inspired or not, it make for a much more interesting show. The gang war got boring very quickly, and it was only the side games and trickery by Penguin that kept the Maroney/Falcone interplay interesting. Also having Jim as less of a pawn between the gangs will be refreshing. He needs to be allowed to shine in his job, how else will he become Commissioner?!

5. Help for Jim

Leading on from the desire for Jim to get back to some ordinary Gotham police work, I think it is about time that Kim got some help and not just from Harvey. We already know that there is going to be a new face in the Gotham PD, Michael Chiklis has been cast as Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

Gotham-Michael-Chiklis1-e1440191610981Now a new Captain in the force should be breath of fresh air, and maybe he will bring about a change in the department. We don’t know as of yet where Barnes’ loyalties lie but I’m hoping they fall more in the honest camp that perhaps previous Gotham PD members have been. Any help Jim can get will be precious, especially with the teased “Rise of the Villains” that will be coming!

6. New DC characters

gotham-season-2-character-deathsAs with all shows based on comic books, fans wild go wild as soon as a character they know and love from the  source material makes an appearance. Gotham is no exception. The only difference is that many of the well known characters are much younger than their comic counter parts, but then this is an origin series for many people. It will we good to see more comic book characters show up in the new season. We have continued to get a tease of someone who may turn into the Joker and the ever-present Harvey Dent and Edward Nygma are people that we are just waiting to turn.

jokerI do confess to not knowing much about who is going to be making an appearance but in my opinion any Batman comic character would be a welcome addition. Even if we don’t get actual characters introduced in the season then references to some would be good.

7. Nygma

Talking about Edward Nygma, at the end of season 1 we saw our first indications that he is evolving into his more well known villain persona.

nig3After killing and disposing of the abusive partner of his love Kristen, we see him struggling with what appears to be a split personality disorder, one of which is much more aggressive and violent that his mild-mannered riddle loving forensic scientist. Edward has clearly started down the slippery slope to becoming the Riddler, but we need more to keep that journey going. He has not yet combined his love for riddles with his more villainous side so there is still some distance to go. Whilst the Riddler is not Batman’s most formidable foe, he has always been a constant thorn in the side of the caped crusader, if we can see his rise to his criminal best then the fans will finally get what they have been wanting since Jim Carey blew the character out of comical proportion, one of the smartest villains ever created.

jim_carrey_687198. Barbara Kean/Gordon

Season 1 saw Barbara become a completely different character to that which started the series.

Barbara_Kean_Erin_Richards-850x560Coming from the worried girlfriend of Jim Gordon to killing her own parents and being locked up in Arkham Asylum. We know from the season 2 trailers that Barbara is going to be one of the criminals that escapes Arkham, but we don’t know how much she is going to be involved in the groups “activities”. My main issue with the path they appear to be leading the character down is the fact that in the comics the most famous Barbara Gordon is Jim’s daughter. The woman who was once Batgirl then became Oracle, one of Batman’s most dependable and essential allies. With what is going with the older Barbara in the TV show, it doesn’t look like the younger one will be born! Barbara and Jim have clearly gone their separate ways, trying to kill your ex-boyfriends new partner will do that.

barbara-kean-on-gothamSo how can they ever get to a point where they will end up having a baby together? At this moment in time that seems very unlikely, but maybe there will be a reconciliation. Clearly there has to be a way that Barbara is removed from the series. The daughter grew up without the mother so are we going to see a brief re-ignition of their love for each other and then her death? Let’s hope so!

9. Longer story arcs

Almost all TV shows involving superheroes or comic book characters suffer from the same story problem, Villain of the week! Most episodes involve a new villain being discovered followed by the hero working out a way to defeat the. The next episode often sees a brand new villain and the pattern repeats throughout the season. Most shows have the season long story arc culminating in an epic finale but other than that the formula is the same. Gotham has tried to move away from this by having an underlying Gang war going on with Jim and Harvey solving cases while fighting against the corruption throughout Gotham, but it still falls flat. There needs to be more story arcs that last more than one episode.

court-of-owlsThere have been reports that the amazing Batman story line The Court of Owls has been adapted for the next season of the show and I can’t wait to see how they do it! It could be just what the show needs as that extra thing to have going on behind all he usual Gotham events.

10. Crossovers

As always I want there to be some crossovers with other shows! I know a lot of people don’t like them but when several shows that i love link up it makes things even better! The difficulty with Gotham is that the characters are much further behind in the origins than other characters such as The Flash and Arrow. Bruce Wayne is still a kid so it is going to be some time before he takes up his Dark Knight ways.

crossoverGotham won’t be able to crossover with the CW network shows and probably not the upcoming Supergirl but I would like there to be some references to other shows, maybe some cameos from people but nothing that will be classed as cannon. There won’t be any episodes equivalent to the Flash/Arrow episodes, but I can at least hope there will be a nod to an existing film or TV show.

What do you think of this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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