As with the Flash, Arrow is soon to be returning to our screens so I have compiled a list of what I want to see in Season 4 and beyond! As always there are mild spoilers for the upcoming season, and for those of you that haven’t watched season 3 (why haven’t you caught up?!) there are going to be huge spoilers!

  1. Proper Olicity!

Oliver-and-Felicity-carThe end of season 3 saw Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset as a happy couple in a cringe worthy happy ending. The pair have been on and off most of the last two seasons and now it seems they are on for the long, especially considering that Oliver hung up his hood for good! (sorry for the rhyme!) Whilst I didn’t particularly like the ending of the season, I do want to see them have, or at least try to have a proper relationship.

arrowcar2The will they/wont they issue has been done to death in this show and now they just need to either do it or not, there needs to be some finality to the terms of the relationship. it is clear from the footage released so far that Oliver has some pretty serious plans for the two of them, but we also know that they are going to be pulled back into the Vigilante world, so how will it effect their relationship? If nothing else the Arrow fandom needs this to make themselves happy!

2. Oliver’s Return

arrowsuitThere needs to be a justified reason for Oliver to return to Starling City and resume his Vigilante ways. We know from the Season 4 trailers that there is going to be a new main villain that poses a threat but at the end of Season 3 Oliver hung up his hood confident in the knowledge that the remains of team Arrow would carry on his work and keep the city safe. There has to be something big that draws him back. Not some small time crime boss or a string of thefts by a gang, it needs to be big. I’m not sure if they will make Damian Darhk that threat straight away but we shall see. I just hope he doesn’t come back purely because Thea and Laurel ask him to.

3. Damian Darhk 

Announced as the main villain that Team Arrow will face in season 4, his existence was revealed as R’as Al Gul’s former friend before he became the Demon’s Head. From the footage we have seen so far he is going to be a different kind of threat to R’as, he appears to have some kind of magic/sorcery powers to use, as we see him stop and arrow mid-flight just by raising his hand.


I’m hoping that the added mystical aspect of his personality will add to the threat he poses. While we have had some decent villains so far, they were all fairly similar. Season 1 had Malcolm Merlyn who was out for revenge against part of the city, Season 2 had Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, who was out for revenge against Oliver and Season 3 had R’as Al Gul who was out for revenge against Malcolm, then Oliver. As far as we know, Darhk doesn’t have a vendetta against the city or anyone from Team Arrow so it will be interesting to see what his plan is. He needs to be terrifying, he needs to be powerful and above all he needs to be decent in a fight on his own, as we will undoubtedly see him and Oliver scrap at some point.

4. Flashbacks

arrowflashbackThere will of course be a secondary story line playing out through flashbacks during the season, as is the theme of Arrow. The problem with the Season 3 flashbacks is that for most of the season they didn’t make sense. There was some explanation as to how Oliver ha learned certain “techniques” of interrogation, but the main aspect of the Hong Kong story was to set the scene for the Alpha/Omega virus. This was only played out through the last few episodes of the season, and it was clear at first why this was so important, until it we learned that the same virus was to be used on Starling City. It was a long and sometime boring story that had a small pay off at the end.

arrowflashback2This season, the flashbacks need to mean something. Oliver has apparently exiled himself somewhere, and is on his own again, and it looks like he is going to be trying his hand at some vigilante justice, so we might see him honing his skills, but it needs to make sense. The past needs to connect to the present.

5. Green Arrow

This is a fairly small detail but something that the fans will be very happy with. We know that the Green Arrow name is going to be used, it is the title of the first episode of season 4 after all. We also hear Damian Darhk use it but the most important question is will Oliver refer to himself as the Green Arrow? He has had many names over the last three seasons, all skirting around his better known comic title, now that the name is going to be in use,

oliver_queen___green_arrow_by_riviellan-d8pfm3iI’m hoping he will take it on and embrace the persona. Could we see a more comic accurate Green Arrow? Maybe even the goatee?

6. Green Lantern

Green_Lantern_Hal_convention_hThe Green Arrow and Green Lantern have a long-standing history in the comics. They have teamed up on countless occasions and have many memorable story lines. It has been rumoured for a long time that we may see some Green Lantern references on Arrow, even going so far as to suggest that John Diggle could actually turn out to be John Stewart! Most of these rumours have been denied but we have seen some Lantern nods so far. An image of a Coast City tourist billboard quoting part of the Green Lantern code has been released and Ferris Air has been mentioned more than once, but so far there has been no mention of the Green Lantern himself.

coast-city-billboard-jpgThe show runners have tried to keep Arrow grounded in reality, but now there are more mystical aspects arriving. Darhk will be using some kind of sorcery and with inevitable meta-human appearances, the realism is starting to fade. This might not be such a problem as it opens up the possibility of bringing in other DC characters who cannot be grounded, and Green Lantern is one of those, and we already know Constantine is going to show up, so why not a Lantern? This team up needs to happen.

7. Diggle’s helmet

I will let the image speak for itself.

arrow_season4_diggleThere needs to be an explanation as to the design of this helmet. Oliver told Diggle to get a mask if he was going to carry on his fight with Team Arrow, so what does he actually do? gets something which covers most of his head but only a small part of his face! And I know this had been said a thousand times already, but did it have to look like Magneto’s helmet?

8. Laurel

In the first two seasons, Laurel was a source of annoyance for the other characters and the viewing public alike. She seemed to spend most of her time whining about everything, whether it was her sort of romance with Oliver, then with Tommy, still coming to terms with the death of Sara then her coming back! Oh and let’s not forget becoming an alcoholic! Season 3 saw her redeem herself somewhat as she took on the role of Black Canary.

Arrow-Black-Canary-1After a rocky start and a few beat downs, she started to hold her own and looks to be an important part of Team Arrow, but she needs to stop whining! Even when she is kicking ass she whines! Maybe she just doesn’t have another tone to her voice but she needs to man-up and be the badass she is trained to be!

9. Roy

From the trailer it looks like Thea is going to be taking on the role of Speedy full-time, and loving it!

arrow-season-4-thea-speedyShe is using Roy’s old gear to great effect. But I would like to see Roy himself return. He was one of the best side characters of the whole show and was best suited to be Oliver’s sidekick. He had the skills, the mentality and the attitude to be the next Arrow and I think they rushed into removing him from the show.

roy-harper-jpgMaybe bringing him back as someone who has taken the fight to another city, much like Robin becoming Nightwing and then taking Bludhaven as his territory. Roy went through a lot in the past 3 seasons and it was a shame to lose him, he deserves a proper superhero run!

10. Flash/Legends of Tomorrow crossover

As I mentioned in my previous post Arrow and Flash will be having crossover episodes.

B3FM5FACQAAAwtpvcThese are some of the more fun episodes of each series and I don’t know a single fan of the show that doesn’t like them, so I’m happy there are more to come. The crossovers are slightly more difficult for the Arrow series as it is the more realistic of the two, but we have seen Oliver and co deal with Meta-humans successfully so we know it can work.

upload-135759The Legends of Tomorrow crossovers may be more troublesome as time travel will be involved. Some of Team Arrow will be part of LoT and with Sara’s resurrection happening in season 4 of Arrow there will be a clear lead up to the new show. How much will Oliver be involved in Lot other than helping to form the team? I don’t know but it will be good to see all these characters together.

That’s it for this list, tell us what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “10 Things we want in Arrow Season 4

  1. I finally broke down and read this, cringing at the prospect of learning spoilers but it’s ok – I think I came through that unscathed. Definitely agree with #’s 1, 7 and 9!!

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