Season 2 of the Flash is very soon to be hitting our screens. Over the last few weeks we have been steadily getting set photos, story hints and footage in the form of trailers and TV spots so we are slowly learning some things about what is coming.The upcoming episodes appear to have a lot of stuff crammed in them already so there may not be any room for the things in the list below!

Here are 10 that we want to see in Season 2! Warning! Minor Spoilers ahead!

  1. Flashpoint

Flashpoint_1_CoverWe already know there are going to be a lot of Multi-verse related story arcs but what we don’t know is the end game. The new big Baddie is Zoom and he is going to be sending meta-humans, villains and the like through the portal to try and kill Barry Allen for some reason but we don’t know exactly why. I would like the events of Flashpoint to occur and perhaps the series to end with Barry saving his Mother and re-setting the future! The only problem with this is that Barry has already had the chance to go back and save his Mother and his future self told him not to. Having the same story line again might make people lose interest. But if the show runners come up with another way the universe is reset, it might give season 3 a fresh start with Barry waking up in a completely changed world!

2. Harrison Wells

dr-harrison-wellsSeason 1 was filled with amazing characters all with their individual development arcs and you felt connected to most of them no matter what their motivation. Two characters exited Season 1 in style in the finale and I for one want to see both of them return. We know that Harrison Wells played by Tom Cavanagh is going to be returning, but this time he is going to be the Earth 2 version. We should finally get to see the version of Wells before the Eobard Thawne took his identity. I think it will be refreshing to see a Wells as someone with good intentions but at the same time seeing the rest of the team struggling to trust him because of who their Wells really was. Maybe he will become the intellectual Mentor that Barry desires.

3. Eddie Thawne

who-is-eddie-thawne-theories-for-the-flash-potential-spoilers-384337Eddie may have gone through periods of hating the Flash and Barry and then feeling betrayed by Iris because the future says she will marry Barry, but in the end he was the real hero that stopped the Reverse Flash. He sacrificed himself for the greater good and will be missed by all. I think they will be missing a trick if they don’t bring him back in some capacity. I don’t think he should return as a regular character but maybe he can pop in to offer assistance at times or if the world hopping teased happens, then maybe we will see him living out his life on Earth 2. Rick Cosnett played the role brilliantly and it was a shame to have such a final ending for his character. The multi-verse gives the opportunity to bring him back easily!

4. Crossovers

B3FM5FACQAAAwtpvcSeason 1 had a lot of Arrow crossovers and they were brilliant. Even the main “Flarrow” episodes aisde, various cast members from each series appeared on each other shows with great effect and they didn’t seem forced just to appeal to the fans. It of course makes sense that they are going to be doing more crossovers, which has already been confirmed and we know that both shows are going to have Legends of Tomorrow crossovers too. The important thing is to ensure these crossovers make sense. The bad guys in both new series are going to be bigger and badder than before so it’s going to be all hands on deck to take them down! And it remains to be seen if we will see a Vixen crossover on the live-action side of things! The more the merrier I say!

5. Main Villain

zoom-143787Zoom has already been named as the main villain for Season 2. Anyone who has read the Flash comics featuring Zoom knows that he poses an incredible threat to the entire world, and he has the potential to be faster than any Speedster ever. His powers don’t come from the Speedforce, instead he is able to alter time relative to himself so that he is actually moving through time instead of just running really fast. He has shown time and again in the comics that he can match and often out do any of the Flash’s powers so he will be a foe unlike any that Barry has faced before. This perhaps explains why we are potentially going to have at least 4 Speedsters in this season. Jay Garrick, Wally West and Jesse Quick are all going to be appearing, but at the moment only Jay Garrick has been confirmed to be an active Speedster.

the-flash-familyThe show might be leading up to a future Flash team up with all of them, which would be epic! The fact that Zoom is sending other villains to take Barry down might mean that he isn’t confident that he can take him out by himself and is trying to weaken Barry. But the showrunners need to make sure that the final fight between Barry and Zoom is amazing, take the fight with the Reverse Flash towards the end of season 1 and multiply that by a factor of 10! Only then will I be happy!

6. Iris West gradually warmed up to Iris through season 1, and only once she had found out about Barry’s powers. Before then I found it very difficult to like her. I would like to see her play a more important role in season 2 and not just the possible love interest for Barry. She needs something important to do and not just be the person that gets kidnapped by the bad guys. Give her something awesome to do! Candice Patton is a pretty good actor, but I don’t think she has been given the opportunity to show what she is capable of. Here’s a thought…..give her some powers! What could go wrong?

7. Cisco and Caitlin

flashcisco1280jpg-4447d5_1280wTowards the end of season 1 we had glimpses into some possible futures for both Cisco and Caitlin. Wells reveals to Cisco that he was affected by the Particle Accelerator explosion and he has powers too. I hope they carry on with this and have Cisco evolve into his comic persona of Vibe. It appears they might be using Cisco as a way of telling the difference between the worlds/dimensions as he is able to sense disturbances in the time line (this explains why he was able to remember that the Reverse Flash killed him even though Barry reset time). Having an already awesome character such as Cisco develop powers and be the hero he is desperate to be would be incredible. He definitely deserves it!

flashcaitlin1280jpg-96f2f1_1280wWe also saw a vision of Killer Frost as Barry travelled through the portal. This is Caitlin Snows evil alter ego from the comics. Will she transform into such a bad person? What happens to cause this? I don’t think the show will go as far as to turn her into a full fledged villain but Caitlin is fast becoming the least interesting character in the show. Yes she is really smart and has solved a lot of problems for the team, but her story arc sort of resolved itself when Ronnie was found alive and has now learned to control his Firestorm powers. Something needs to change with her to make her more interesting, and not just the occasional hint at a possible Barry / Caitlin romance!

8. Reverse Flash hatred

file-173572-0-flashpoint5658-114786We know that Harrison Wells is returning, but it has not been officially confirmed if the Reverse Flash will be making an appearance. If he doesn’t this will still leave the question of why Eobard Thawne hates Barry so much. This was not explained in season 1 and I’m worried that the show will move onto other story lines so quickly that people will forget that it was even mentioned. I think they need to explain it other wise there was no motivation for the whole of season 1 at all! Give us some closure!

9. Superhero cameos

We have already seen appearances from a number of comic villains but I want to see more heroes make an appearance. it has been done before! Smallville managed to fit tonnes of heroes into its shows, some times not very well, but they were there. Obviously the big three, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are out of the question considering their big screen appearances next year, but there is nothing stopping some of the other heroes popping up.

The Legion of Superheroes

Maybe Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, or some of the Legion of Superheros could appear or at least be referenced. It’s clear that Hawkgirl will pop up before she appears on Legends of Tomorrow but it would be good to see more well known heroes on the show and the multi-verse is a perfect way of allowing this!

10. New Abilities for the Flash

barry-tempBarry’s powers are speed based (duh!) Short of running fast he has only dabbled with other abilities. He has phased through objects a couple of times and time travelled twice. I think Barry needs some new tricks up his sleeve to combat the new threats coming up. Drawing from the comics or not it doesn’t matter but he needs some new interesting way to fight, and now that he is more confident with his powers we should be able to develop his skills.

Maybe having Jay Garrick as a super powered Mentor for Barry will enable him to develop now new abilities!

Jay GarrickThere is plenty of other things that I want to see in season 2 but I’m also hoping the show lasts for several years so there will be plenty of time to fit it all in!

What do you think of this list? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us Twitter @JackGeekstalk and check out our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk for all kind of geek news and opinions!


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