In the last week we have had quite a lot of new Star Wars news from various sources. I’m going to start with some new photos released by Entertainment Weekly.

See the Gallery here

A lot of the photos are similar to ones we have seen before but there are a few notable features. In one photo we see R2D2 and C-3PO together for the first time, and 3PO has a red arm!

r2cpAs I mentioned in a previous post there was a rumour going around that he would have a red arm and it appears that this is true! Why he has had an arm replaced or painted we don’t know but a lot can happen in 30 years!

We now have confirmation that Finn and Rey are being chased down by the First Order on Jakku as we see a shot of the two running from some Stormtroopers.

finnreyAnd it is safe to assume that Finn is a deserter of some kind from the First order as the Black (and red) TIE fighter we have seen before appears to be the ship that Finn crashed on Jakku.

We also have confirmation that Kylo Ren is working with the First Order in some capacity as there is a new photo of him being flanked by Storm Troopers. Also, as a side note, it has been confirmed that Kylo Ren is a similar name to Darth Vader. Ren is taken from the Knights of Ren, some sort of Sith-like order of force users, much like the Darth title for Sith. I hope this film explains this as Kylo Ren is the only dark force user we are aware of so far!

kyloThe first official photo of of General Hux played by Domhnall Gleeson is shown, and he does not look happy about something. It also looks like he could be one of the figures standing before the forces of the First Order with soldiers and ships stretching back as far as the eye can see

.first orderClick the link above to see the pictures on the Entertainment Weekly website in better quality.

Also released at the D23 Expo was the first official movie poster for The Force Awakens.

star_wars_poster_full.0.0It doesn’t look quite right to me. It looks a little amateurish. The Star Wars logo in the corner looks like an after thought. Although on a positive note we now know that Finn will be wielding a lightsaber at some point in the film, and it looks remarkably light Luke’s first saber.

There has been some other general Star Wars News revealed this week. Benico Del Toro has confirmed that he has been in talks to play a villain in Episode 8. What that role is we don’t know but Del Toro has proven experience of playing less than honest, scheming characters so I hope he does land the role.

We also have our director for Episode 9! Colin Trevorrow who is most recently know for directing Jurassic World. while that film was a commercial success it has not been received well by the general public and I myself think that if you look at it as a Monster movie it is fun to watch, but don’t take it too seriously.

colin-trevorrow-confirms-jurassic-world-plot-after-leak-163694-a-1401373065-470-75This appointment doesn’t fill me with confidence but we have had bad Star Wars films in the past so we know it can happen! Fingers crossed.

The most surprising movie news this week was the first official cast photo for Rogue One.

rogue-one-cast-photo-d23-1536x864-521514304075We don’t know the names of any of these characters but we can assume that this is the team of Rebels tasked with obtaining the secret plans to the Death Star prior to the events of A New Hope. It has a very Suicide Squad feel being all dark and gritty, but I’m not sure what to make of it. It hasn’t got me any more excited for the project, but it’s good to seem something from it. Hopefully we will see more as principal photography begins!

That’s all the Star Wars film updates for now! Stay tuned for any more info as I hear it!


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