I’m reporting this very late in the day but I forgot to mention another thing we learnt from San Diego Comic Con last month, Warner Brothers are reviving that Green Lantern!

green_lantern_symbol_wp_by_chaomanceromega-d52fkkg.pngIt was noted that there was a film in development when the upcoming movie slate was revealed last year but no further details were provided. At SDCC it was revealed that the title will be Green Lantern Corps.

Just from the name we can tell this is going to be a very different film from before. It has been rumoured that the film will feature multiple human Lanterns, so it is possible we will see Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and maybe even Simon Baz all on screen at the same time!

Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner

The 2011 Green Lantern film damaged the reputation of the character for a long time, and it still holds the title of being the worst superhero film so far (in my opinion anyway). Now that Ryan Reynolds has been given the role he was made for and is being allowed to play the character of Deadpool in a way that does the comics justice, people will start to forget how bad that film was.

Green-Lantern-film-1-1940x934The Green Lantern comics are incredible adventure stories in space and on earth, simultaneously dealing with being a superhero to billions at the same time as feeling out of place and isolated. The series is in desperate need of an amazing film. As Green lantern Corps now forms part of the DC Expanded Universe, it looks like it may get the treatment it deserves.

As with all upcoming projects, casting rumours have been flying around. Tyrese Gibson, known for his appearances in the Fast and Furious and Transformers series, has confirmed that he has had talks with WB about possible being involved in the film, and he has strongly suggested that he is up for the role of John Stewart.

Tyrese Gibson

Personally I don’t think he is the right fit for that role, but he might surprise us all. It was rumoured for a long time that Chris Pine was in the running for Hal Jordan, but that has since been refuted as he has now been case as Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Social media has been rife with people teasing their involvement in the project. People like Lance Gross, who is better known for his work in House of Payne and Crisis TV series, he tweeted a picture of the Green Lantern symbol with the comment “In Brightest Day”, the opening line of the Green Lantern Oath. So could he be up for a role too?

lancegWe know nothing of the story yet, but it is safe to assume there may be cameos or nods to other characters/films in the EU so I am reserving judgement until we know more about the project. Set for a 2020 release, we have a while to wait but there is plenty of superhero stuff to keep us entertained in the meantime.


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