Over the past few months we have been receiving small snippets of news regarding the third installment of the First Avenger! Pretty much since Captain America: The Winter Solider was released rumors were flying around about what the next story would be. The geek world went wild when it was confirmed that the Russo brothers would be tackling what is in my opinion one of the best Marvel comic story lines of recent history.


Almost as soon as filming began on the set of Civil War photos have been leaking. We have seen some of the main characters on set including Cap himself, Scarlet Witch and Falcon. We have also seen images of a fight scene between Cap and Crossbones!


The photos haven’t revealed too much abut the story so far, but as with all things comic book, rumors are widespread. The main problem with adapting the Civil war story-line is that the MCU generally speaking does not have secret identities. One of the main plot points of the comic series is the Superhuman Registration Act, heroes choosing to comply with the law and reveal their identities to the Government, or go underground. It isn’t possible for the MCU to use this plot point but it looks like they are going to be following the base story. The world is unhappy with the amount of collateral damage the heroes cause and want the supers to be held accountable. This may lead to a similar Act being passed and then the same plot points as the comics can play out.

Now in the last few days there have been some new set photos leaked. Whilst I’m not in the business of posting unofficial leaked photos, I can talk about the ones that I have seen.

There are shots of what appears to be Captain America (or at least a stunt double) running and jumping off a building of some sort, there are no clues as to what this building is. The biggest reveal of these images is the first shot of Black Panther.


His costume looks very similar to the concept artwork that was released a while ago, albeit not a slick as you would expect, but this is mid-production and definitely not the final look.

If this wasn’t good enough, in a couple of the images Black Panther is joined by someone who looks remarkably like the Winter Solider / Bucky Barnes. This is obvious from the fact that he appears to have a metal hand! Now what are these two characters doing together?


There have been reports that The Winter Solider is the one responsible for the death of T’Challa’s father, so why would they now be working together? Of course one single image never gives the whole story so there is bound to be huge amounts of context that is missing.

The building that these two are scaling appears to be the same one that Cap is jumping off so maybe it is the same scene or lat least the same location. Based on these images alone it is clear that there is going to be at at least a few scenes set in Wakanda as this is the home nation for T’Challa. It is certain to have a much larger role to play than just a fleeting reference in Age of Ultron.


On to more recent events. Today has seen the first big news coming out of the Disney D23 Expo. As Marvel didn’t make  its usual appearance at San Diego Comic-con this year, it looks like they are pulling out the big guns at D23. After some brief discussions about the Dr Strange film, including some concept art (which doesn’t look like is going to be officially released to the general public), and confirmation that we are going to get the car accident origin for Stephen Strange, talk quickly moved to Civil War.

Anthony Mackay and Chris Evans were in attendance themselves and what followed (if Twitter is anything to go by) was epic, The first footage of Civil War has been seen! Based on the descriptions it has the typical MCU awesomeness and comedy, especially Ant-Mans appearance! That’s right Scott Lang himself is in the teaser! As well as the big hitters Cap, Tony Stark, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Falcon. I’m not going to go into detail as I haven t seen the footage myself so what I’ve read may not be true but going on the reactions across social media, it is incredible. I can’t wait to see it!


There has also been reports of the sides that the heroes will take. Some of the positions were inevitable, but others are a surprise:

Team Cap

Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Bucky, Falcon, Ant-Man

Team Tony

Vision, Black Widow, War Machine, Spiderman

These teams are interesting to say the least. Black Widow and Hawkeye on opposite sides? That isn’t going to end well! And also the inclusion of Spiderman on Team Tony is very interesting, From the comic we know that Peter Parker starts out on Team Tony and reveals his identity on national television, but then later defects when he realises what it costs him and his family.


My brain is still a bit hazy from the potential epic storm heading our way in May 2016 so now I will wait for the teaser to be officially released and watch it a few thousand times.

Now for Star Wars news!!

Stay tuned!


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