In my previous post I spoke about the big news that came out of SDCC in relation to some upcoming comic book films. But that wasn’t all that we learnt this year! There was plenty of new information, footage and photos released from some TV shows that we all know and love. Below you’ll find some of the new information and some predictions about what might be to come!

ARROW – Season 4

The first thing we learnt about the next season of Arrow is that Stephen Amell will be wearing a new costume. He came onto the stage at the DC Entertainment Panel wearing the new outfit.

Arrow -- Image Number: ARR_S4_FIRST_LOOK_V4 -- Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow -- Photo: -- JSquared Photography/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
New Arrow costume

As you can see the outfit is much more practical than the leather jacket! it appears to have incorporated a lot more body armour and has most notably lost the sleeves! I really like this new look, but it does bring up questions…SPOILER ALERT…At the end of Season 3 Oliver Queen has given up being the Arrow, so why is he now back wearing a costume? It has been semi-confirmed that he will be known as the “Green Arrow” in this series, and even the first episode of the new series is titled “Green Arrow”, but as yet we don’t know why he is back in the suit! The panel spoke briefly about Oliver’s transition to the Green Arrow and that he is in a much better place this season, it will be more focused on who he is not who he was. The Panel then spoke about some of the returning characters, and the fact that Diggle will be getting a proper superhero outfit this season. They then touched on the casting of Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk as the main villain of the new season, but also to expect appearances from Mr Terrific and Anarky! both characters that are yet to be seen on screen, although Anarky does feature in the Batman Arkham games!

THE FLASH – Season 2

Quite a lot of new information came out of the Flash part of the Panel, starting with the below highlights reel:

The speedster in this clip has a blue streak as opposed to the yellow and red streaks we already know. It is rumoured that this character is the Black Flash who in the comics only appears to signal the death of a speedster! We learn from this clip that we are going to meet at least one other speedster as we hear a voice over from Jay Garrick who was teased in the finale of Season 1 and has now been officially cast.

Teddy Sears has been cast as Jay Garrick

We are also teased with the introduction of a new bad guy, the clip ends with the words ZOOM IS COMING! This could be referencing Professor Zoom or Zoom, both enemies of the Flash from the comics, either one being bad news for Barry Allen. The panel then confirmed what a lot of people have been thinking that Earth-2 will be making an appearance and a lot of new characters will be appearing as well as some characters that we have already met coming back, but slightly different. This will explain how Tom Cavanagh, who played Professor Wells and the Reverse Flash, is still going to appear in this series. We are getting into Multi-verse territory so literally anything could be possible. I’m really excited about season 2 as I loved season 1 and they appear to be trying to stay fairly close to the comics and bringing in loads of characters and story lines that I have read myself! I wonder if they will work towards FLASHPOINT or maybe CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! As a side note, it has also been confirmed that Wally West is going to appear in the new series!! So we will have 3 versions of the Flash in one season!!!!!


Not much new information came out of the LoT talk, there was some footage shown that was mostly made up of scenes from the trailer that was released earlier in the year. Some new concept art was shown as well. The cast mainly spoke about the directions in which they think their characters will be going in the first season! upload-135759 I am excited to see this series as it has a brand new villain in the shape of the Immortal Vandal Savage, and will be forming a new team of heroes, some reluctantly but as Rip Hunter says, they will be remembered as legends! Also can’t wait to see Hawkgirl in action, and recently confirmed to be appearing…..Hawkman!!!

GOTHAM Gotham-TV-Show-Fox-Logo The cast of Gotham were featured on the DC Entertainment Panel but I deliberately have not looked into what was shown or discussed because I have failed in being up to speed with Season 1, I still have a few episodes to watch! Once I am done with the series I’ll see what was discussed and talk about it on here, but until then be patient with me!


The main cast and show runners took to the stage for discussion on the upcoming Supergirl series. Very little new information was given, the existing trailer was shown and then Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) talks about how she felt empowered to be playing a role like this. Supergirl_logo David Harewood spoke about his character, Hank Henshaw. This is the guy that in the comics becomes someone called Cyborg Superman. So I am really looking forward to seeing if they will go this far with the character, especially seeing as it has been semi-confirmed that we won’t see a proper superman in the first series. The character I am most exited too see is Reactron! He has been announced as appearing in the show, and SPOILER ALERT in the comics he is the person that kills Supergirl’s father Zor-el! So will we see that? Supergirl is a great character in the comics so I will be watching this series once it is released in the UK but the trailer has not filled me with confidence, so I will reserve my Judgement for now! Watch the Trailer here:


Im not going to say much about this new series. I loved the first two seasons of Heroes and hated the third. Hiro and Peter will always be my favourite characters and the show had the potential to be so much more, but for one reason or another it fizzled out and was eventually cancelled. But thankfully we are getting a new 13 episode series titled Heroes Reborn! I can’t wait, I am more than excited for it and I will let the SDCC teaser speak for itself!

If this doesn’t get you pumped for the new series then I don’t know what will!

That’s all the big TV news from SDCC this year in terms of superheroes! I’m sure there is stuff I’ve missed but i hope to be including more in some upcoming videos I am working on. So stay tuned! While you’re waiting check out our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk and follow us on Twitter @JackGeekstalk for lots of superhero and geeky news!


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