I am one of the many people who have been unable to attend what is widely held as the best Comic Convention in the world. The San Diego Comic Con has been running for years and gets bigger every year. But alas, I am still yet to attend. There are so many things there that appeal to me, artwork, the artists, the memorabilia, the film and TV news and all the stars! This year, I have endeavored to follow the events of SDCC as closely as I could to learn anything about the films, comics and TV shows that I love. Below are a few of the big news stories that have been revealed and I’ll be updating this post whenever I learn news things from the event. Our Twitter feed (@JackGeekstalk) went a little wild over the last few days with many favourites, tweets, retweets and quotes of various people who were at the event!


The Star Wars The Force Awakens Panel was great! The footage of the panel has been released online and there are so  many things that have come out of it.


We were introduced to the main cast members, John Boyega (Finn), Daisy Ridley (Rey) and Oscar Issacs (Poe Dameron) as the newcomers to the franchise. They spoke about how it felt for them to be involved in something that has such a legacy and be the start of a new leg of the journey. Then we met the baddies, Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux) and Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma). None of them were able to say much about their roles in the film but Adam Driver did say that when thinking of the motivation of his character, it was more about what was right, rather than what was evil. So does this mean Kylo Ren is not as evil as he would first appear? Following the new actors, there came the appearance of the big three…Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

The big three back together!

They inevitably got the biggest cheers and went on to speak about how Star Wars is an incredible thing that they have been involved in and it has been so long since they started the journey, and it now feels like a flashback and a new beginning at the same time. All the cast members have said that The Force Awakens has been an incredible project to work on and they can’t wait for it to continue, Harrison Ford said that he was grateful for the opportunity for the original role in Star Wars and is overwhelmed that he can do it again! The returning cast members reminisced, including a reference to the almost incest incident between Luke and Leia and spoke about how they never expected to be involved in the series again!

J.J. Abrams then invited the entire crowd to an exclusive Star Wars Concert to hear the music of Star Wars!

Then the big news dropped – A behind the scenes featurette was shown to the crowd which included footage and images that have not been seen before,

Watch it here:

Here’s a quick run down of the new things featured:

  • A Crashed Tie Fighter – with a red panel on its side – This appears to be a new type of Tie Fighter, most likely part of The First Order
  • A scene showing a storm trooper forcing a cuffed Poe Dameron down a corridor – Has he been captured or is this some kind of infiltration attempt ?
  • A shot of what we assume to be Kylo Ren descending a boarding ramp flanked by Stormtroopers.
  • A Storm Trooper with a Flame Thrower!
  • Simon Pegg is definitely in the film – but in an alien costume that hides his face – The Rumours are true!
  • Some red-suited men running down a corridor – Imperial maybe? A more streamlined version of the Emperors Imperial Guard?
  • Rey flying the Millennium Falcon?
  • The first show of Princess Leia in costume!!!

The overall message of the featurette was that the film is striving to use practical effects where it can to give a sense of reality to the project and to make it feel like the original trilogy did. There are shots of the main cast members and lots of extras in different outfits of various species and allegiances.

Although there was some new information released the Panel was fairly relaxed and there is still a lot that we don’t know about the film. At the time of writing this there are 159 days until the film is released, each one will be torture as we have waited so long for the franchise to rekindle the magic of the original trilogy! Do us proud JJ!!


The Warner Bros. Panel was clever, it didn’t jump straight into BvS, it kept us waiting and led with The Man From Uncle, introducing Arine Hammer and Henry Cavill, they spoke about the film but if im honest, i don’t think many people were listening. Shortly after this David Ayer came out and introduced the cast of the Suicide Squad!

Official logo released

All the main people were there, minus Jared Leto of course. The biggest thing from this part of the panel was the trailer that was shown! Now this has not been made official as yet but as is the way of these things, it has been leaked online, although almost all presence of it has since been removed, although I’m sure it will be officially released soon, I can give you a breakdown of the main parts:

  • First look at Amanda Waller played by Viloa Davis, talking to some people, military or government types, she is talking about creating a group of bad guys and to use them to do some good. She talks about manipulating people and then we see brief glimpses of the main characters of the Squad in prison cells and in the outside world too. Then we see Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) inside her cell hanging from the ceiling, and we hear her ask “Are you the Devil?”, next we see the Squad getting together on some kind of mission, this is the scene that all those photos were leaked of a couple of months ago. Also the Joker/Harley car scene with Batman on top of the car is shown briefly. But the big thing is right at the end where we get our best look yet at the Joker in action as he is looking at the camera and says “Im not going to kill you, im just going to hurt you really really bad”

It has been rumored that the Joker could be talking to Jason Todd (the Second Robin from the Batman comic world), and is a reference to the storyline of A Death in the Family in which Jason is brutally beaten and blown up by the Joker, and this could be a flashback scene, and possibly the reason that the Joker has been locked up, The footage is dark and gritty and is in keeping with the DCCU feeling so far, in contrast to the bright, often humorous MCU. Before seeing this footage I was that excited to see this film, but now its one of my most anticipated films. I can’t wait to see what David Ayer has done with a team of bad guys and how they will fit into the wider DCCU! And the Joker looks and sounds amazing, perfectly creepy and horrifying! well done Jared Leto!

Updated: The Trailer has been officially released! Watch it here: 

If that wasn’t enough what followed was the introduction of the case of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Jess Eisenberg and Amy Adams were all there. They spoke briefly about the project and Affleck has said that the Batman he portrays is one that is at the end of his rope, burnt out, very different from any others that have been seen before. But enough about what was said, the big reveal…..The official Batman v Superman TRAILER!!!

Watch it here: 


This is one of the best trailers I have seen in a long time, and that is saying something because 2015 has been full of awesome trailers! There is so much new stuff in this trailer! Here’s a breakdown:

  • Superman arriving at Capital Hill to be questioned? – Is this as a result of the devastation caused by his fight with Zod?
  • Lots of signs protesting against Superman e.g “This is our world, Not yours!”
  • Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis at the time of this battle! He was right there when the building collapsed, one of them was Wayne Financial! We see him running towards the collapsing building – is he trying to save someone?
  • Possibly a ruins of Wayne Manor?
  • The huge BATCAVE!
  • Bruce reads a newspaper clipping on which someone has written “You let your family die” – Who wrote this? And did Bruce have a family? Is it referencing his parents or his company?
  • Very brief shot of Jeremy Irons as Alfred – He does not look happy!
  • Lex Luthor – with long hair?! – must be a wig!
  • Then a shot of Superman knelt before Lex – What does Lex have on him?
  • Zod’s body!! – Is someone experimenting on it? Is Lex using it to find Superman’s weakness?
  • A burnt Robin Suit!!! In a glass case in the Batcave! – This is the big thing for me! Written on it is “HAHA Joke’s on you Batman” This is clearly a reference to A Death in the Family, Robin is dead in this universe and was killed by the Joker, will it be Jason Todd? Is this a set up for the Stand alone Batman film? Redhood Maybe?
Robin-batman-vs-superman 1
It’s robin!!
  • Wonder Woman in action! At Last she is kicking ass!!!!
  • Batman fighting soldiers that have the Superman crest on their shoulders?
  • Lex has Kryptonite!!!!
  • Batman and Superman fighting!
  • Wonder Woman being knocked back by something!
She does not look happy!
  • Superman using heat vision on Batman, who avoids it just in time?
  • Superman rips of the top of a crashed Batmobile and Batman stands up to meet him.
Show down!

So much new stuff in this trailer, in fact almost all of the footage is new, there are things in it that I haven’t mentioned but I’ll save that for my Trailer Talk video! The trailer is awesome there are so many references to the comics in it that my head almost exploded and the action looks incredible. The film is definitely taking on a more dark and gritty tone that the MCU, and it looks like it could be the best superhero film of the next few years. I am super excited for this film now and there is still so much we don’t know about what is going on! Stay tuned for my Trailer Talk where I will discuss this further.


The 20th Century Fox Panel had loads of cool stuff to show off. Having creative control over X-men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool has given them a lot of ammo to throw at the other companies at this years Comic Con. First of all we were introduced to the main cast of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Kate Mara (Sue Storm), Michael B Jordan (Johnny Storm) and Jamie Bell (The Thing), as well as Josh Trank himself.


There were discussions about how this new version is more grounded than the ones that came before and will be a more character and emotional driven story, which we can already tell from the tone of the trailers that have been released. After some more discussions about the film and characters involved, they finished this section of the panel with a new trailer for the film. Now, I haven’t been able to view this trailer so I can’t give you a break down of whats included in it, but it’s safe to say that there will be some new scenes and most likely some more exposition on the story itself.

Moving swiftly on, the first footage of the Deadpool movie was shown! With Ryan Reynolds being on stage to talk about the role. This footage has not been officially released by the studio yet so I can’t show it to you, but again I can give you a summary of the main aspects of it:

  • If you saw the leaked test footage months and months ago then the trailer might seem familiar, it is an almost shot for shot remake of that, but this time with proper effects, dialogue and real people, Much of the footage has Deadpool fighting some people in an SUV and on a highway in a way that can only be described as Deadpool-esque, full of profanity, action and humour!
  • We are introduced to a couple of characters such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus and we are told that the Ajax is the main villain of the film.
Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • The underlying theme of the footage is humour mixed with action, with a lot of profanity – it is perfect Deadpool, I feel like it has been ripped from the pages of a comic, so this could be one of the most comic-accurate films ever!

I don’t want to spoil the footage too much for you all as it is incredible and best seen fresh. It is rumoured that it will be officially released in a couple of weeks so hopefully we will all be able to see a high-res version very soon!

If those two film reveals weren’t enough, the Panel moved swiftly onto X-Men: Apocalypse. 

Official logo

We soon see Hugh Jackman come onto stage and he talks about being cast as Wolverine and confirms that the next Wolverine film will be his last. Then after Bryan Singer comes onto stage and talks briefly about the new film, the main cast members join him on stage and make the place very crowded! We then hear Singer talk about the filming of Apocalypse and then we are shown a brief clip of some of the footage that has been filmed so far. This has been leaked online as well and not officially released, and while I have seen it I do not want to give you any clues as to what is in it other than to say that we meet characters new and old, and there is a general sense of foreboding in the footage. Also we see bald Xavier!!

Some of the cast give little insights into their characters in this film, Michael Fassbender says that Magneto has hung up his cape and left his evil ways behind. Sophie Turner says that Famke Jansens’s portrayal of Jean Grey is something she is trying to live up to. And while this is going on Stan Lee himself walks onto the stage and ends up having a massive superhero selfie with the entire panel! This was almost too much awesome to handle!

This was one of the best panels of the entire SDCC, so much crammed into so little space. I cant wait for all of these films to be released as well as Batman vs Superman and Star Wars. The next couple of years are going to be awesome!!!! It’s a great time to be a geek!

Stay tuned for my next post which will have lots of news on the various TV show panels and releases at this years SDCC!!! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @JackGeekstalk and subscribe to our YouTube channel Jack Geekstalk for videos on all things geek!


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