PoA book coverThis is the third installment in my series on things I notice or think, when re-reading the Harry Potter series (for about the 20th time)- this time it’s the Prisoner of Azkaban. Be sure to let me know if there are any other things that you noticed, or if you have any comments on the things that I’ve pointed out. As always, a brief reminder that these are my favourite books, J.K Rowling is a goddess in my mind, and nothing I’m writing is a criticism of these books!

1) They get homework over the summer holidays? That sucks! Not enough to make me glad I didn’t go there, I’d still chop of my arm (unless it was being used to re-birth the most evil wizard of all time or something) to be able to attend Hogwarts!

2) I really want an owl.

weasleys in egypt3) Given that it has been mentioned or alluded to on a few occasions that the Weasley’s have little or no money and sometimes struggle to get by, is it not a little bit frivolous to spend their prize-money on a holiday?

4) What is it that Aunt Marge thinks Harry has done to deserve being beaten? I understand that he is a nuisance, but he can’t be accountable for his parents’ deaths, and surely he doesn’t seem that deranged? This family seem to have a concerning inclination towards violence.

Aunt Marge5) Marge had a dog drowned?! Umm…Illegal much? Animal cruelty? This whole family appear to be psychopaths with little regard for the law.

6) What happened to Harry’s grandparents? Either side? We know that Lily and James weren’t that much older than school leaving age when they died, but all his grandparents must have died before then, otherwise Harry would have gone to live with them presumably?

7) Harry has clearly never heard the saying ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’- why is he questioning why he is not being punished for blowing up Marge, just be grateful!

8) Is Fudge actually trying to tell Harry about Sirius Black being after him? All his pausing and vagueness, it’s clear he is hiding something- surely as a politician he should be good at keeping secrets and not making it appear he’s lying?

crookshanks9) What if someone was allergic to cats at Hogwarts, with all the pet cats that are allowed to sleep in dormitories etc? Do they have a spell to prevent the allergy?

10) Hagrid’s expulsion and wand-snapping should have been retracted after his name was cleared- he should be allowed to use magic again.

11) The students really should have a map of the castle.

12) It’s ‘arithmancy’ not ‘arithmacy’, I’ve always read that wrong.

13) Is Snape allowed to test potions on students’ pets? What if one did die- surely parents would complain?

14) Also, students are allowed their pets into lessons?

Lupin15) If Harry had told Lupin about seeing the dog in Magnolia Crescent, he’d have probably figured out that it was Sirius. A lot of mysteries could be solved if Harry wasn’t quite so proud.

16) When they overheard Snape expressing concern about ‘when you appointed’ to Dumbledore, surely more than 60 seconds consideration would have enabled them to realise he meant Lupin.

17) It’s Diggory’s first year on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, yet he’s captain?

18) Fudge says that if Voldemort got his most faithful servant back, he’d rise again in no time. Nice foreshadowing. Also, he apparently forgets this insight when it comes to the time that Voldemort does come back.

19) Malfoy et al should have lost 50 points each for dressing up as dementors at the Quidditch match.

20) Ron really needs to learn to ignore Malfoy.

21) Surely as a teacher, Snape is not allowed to bait students about dead relatives? There has to be a rule against that!

22) Ron bursting into Snape’s office gives away that he knew Harry would be in trouble because he’d been seen in Hogsmeade, which basically confirms that Harry was there.

Trelawney23) Huh, HOGsmeade HOGwarts.

24) What sort of order is Trelawney seeing them in for their exam? It’s not alphabetical.

25) Within 5 minutes of having Scabbers back, Ron is calling him an idiot.

26) How does Harry intend to kill Sirius? He hasn’t learned the killing curse yet.

27) Argh, I really hate Snape.

28) Malfoy knows about Sirius’ betraying Harry’s parents earlier in the book, it’s presumed that his father told him because he’s an ex-Deatheater, but the Deatheaters knew that it was actually Pettigrew who betrayed James and Lily.

Sirius Wormtail

29) There must have been some other way to secure Peter, other than the cords that his transforming could evade. (For example, a jar like the one Hermione captures Rita Skeeter in at the end of the next book)

30) Did Snape really think that Harry, Hermione and Ron had been confounded?

31) Did Hermione see herself at all during her time turning all year?

32) Dumbledore actually sends Harry and Hermione on that mission?!

33) Dumbledore said he didn’t allow dementors into the castle, yet he’s supposedly going to permit them into the castle to perform the kiss on Sirius.

34) Shouldn’t Snape have been reprimanded for telling students about Lupin being a werewolf? (And surely he’d have enough reprimands to merit being fired)

35) Dumbledore knew about the passage from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts, even if he didn’t know that Sirius was an animagus, didn’t it occur to him that Sirius might be using that route into the castle?

36) How does Ron explain his new owl to his parents?


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