Book coverI mentioned in my previous post about my habit of re-reading the Harry Potter series every year around mid-June, and having posted the random thoughts, questions and things I’d never properly noticed before about The Philosopher’s Stone, I’ve done the same below for the Chamber of Secrets. Be sure to let me know in comments whether you agree with me, or anything you’ve noticed or wondered yourself.

I hope that it is clear, by the fact that I’ve stated these are my favourite books, that these comments are not criticisms, just fleeting thoughts I’ve had, now that I’m not so tied up in the actual main plot.

1) Surely Aunt Petunia attempting to hit Harry with a frying pan, is attempted assault and sufficient intended abuse for him not to be allowed to stay in their care? I mean, what if she had succeeded???

2) Harry should have just told Dobby that he wouldn’t return to Hogwarts, and then gone anyway.

Dobby3) What if Harry had needed to go to the bathroom during the day, whilst they’d locked him in his bedroom?

4) How did the Weasley’s find Privet Drive without Google Maps (or similar) or Sat-Nav?

5) Just how powerful is Dobby? Surely there would be anti-tampering measures on the barrier at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, how does he manage to seal it?

6) Ron and Harry very quickly jump to full-on panic that no-one is going to be able to get back through the barrier.

Flying car7) How was flying the car ever a good idea? Did Ron miss just how angry Molly was the last time?

8) Could they hot wire any car with a wand?

9) If you’re going to use magic, why not just fly on broomsticks?

10) Other aircraft could have been an issue- they could have been picked up on radar or entering restricted airspace. Really, they’re lucky they weren’t shot out of the sky!

11) How fast can the car fly, if it’s keeping up with the train?

12) Nothing about flying the car was a good idea!!!!

13) Did anyone ever investigate why they couldn’t get through the barrier?

14) How did Oliver Wood wake the girls for Quidditch practice, if boys aren’t allowed in the girls dormitories?

Filch15) If Filch hates students so much, why does he work in a school full of them?

16) Why was Nearly Headless Nick beheaded? Well, almost beheaded.

17) Snape is constantly interposing himself where there is no need for him to be, the other teachers manage to keep away i.e. after the Chamber is opened- he’s not the headteacher, or the head of Harry’s house, and the other heads of house don’t get involved.

18) Lockhart says he uses a ‘homorphus charm’ to change a werewolf back into a human. Obviously he was lying, but is he referencing an actual charm? If he made it up, then surely he’d be discovered pretty quickly. If not, then could it not work for other werewolves (i.e. Lupin, in the next book)?

Malfoy19) Scarhead? Amazing insult Malfoy….

20) Didn’t Madam Hooch recognise there is a rogue bludger on the pitch?

21) Madam Pomfrey should attend all Quidditch matches.

22) Don’t the girls’ bathrooms ever get cleaned? Harry, Hermione and Ron manage to brew the polyjuice potion for around a month, and noone notices the cauldron just sitting in there.

23) Harry really should have told Dumbledore about speaking parcel tongue and hearing the voice, he’d have probably figured out about the Basilisk.

24) The password ‘pure blood’ was allowed to be the Slytherin password? Surely as head Dumbledore wouldn’t have allowed that.

25) Did Malfoy figure out that it wasn’t Crabbe and Goyle? Presumably they would have returned and told him they’d been drugged and locked in a cupboard.

26) Given that Tom Riddle became Voldemort, wouldn’t his ‘Special Award’ have been removed? Also, wouldn’t there then have been suspicions that he was the one who opened the chamber and it re-investigated?

27) Hogwarts would probably insist on Ron having a properly functioning wand.

Hagrid28) The trio start to believe that Hagrid might have opened the chamber pretty quickly. Surely they would have quickly realised he was not a descendant of Slytherin?

29) Once Hermione was attacked and the school was facing closure, wouldn’t Harry think it important to tell Dumbledore about the voice? Particularly as he always hears it at the time of an attack.

30) Why doesn’t Dumbledore send someone after the spiders? [I know he’s suspended from post, but surely he could have instructed McGonagall or even Snape]

31) Does Snape actually like Draco?

32) Aragog says he has never harmed humans out of respect for Hagrid, yet now he’s going to eat Hagrid’s friends.

33) How did no teacher or Madam Pomfrey notice the note in Hermione’s hand.

34) Why don’t Harry or Ron simply tell McGonagall or in fact any teacher (other than Lockhart) that they’ve figured out it’s a Basilisk and where the chamber entrance is? Once Ginny was taken, it was even more important for them to know. Arguably it would have been better than going to try and assist Lockhart, given they know he’s useless and it’s implied that the teachers don’t actually expect him to do anything.

Dumbledore35) Why doesn’t Ron try to attract help, send a message or get out of the chamber and bring teachers back, whilst Harry is rescuing Ginny.

36) Life should be lived mainly with Albus Dumbledore quotes as life principles.



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