Dave as Clark KentSo a couple of years ago, Dave went to MCM ComicCon in London for the first time. It was a very last minute arrangement, and his impromptu cosplay was Clark Kent/Superman, as you can see from the photo.

Since then, Dave, Sammi and I have been talking about going together, as what costumes we could each do- either independent of each other or linked characters. We intended on going last May, Dave decided pretty quickly which character he wanted to go as, whereas Sammi and I had a few different ideas. We quite liked the idea of Winchester Sisters, pretty easy to recreate and also fairly low-key for our first event… but we came to the conclusion we should throw ourselves in with full gusto, and so decided upon female Thor and Loki. No sooner had we started thinking about cardboard armor and the hilarity of a 5ft 3 Thor, then it became apparent that there was a significant issue with our plan. In April last year I was nearly 4 months pregnant, and unlike most first-time pregnancies, I began to show very quickly. Now, whilst the idea of a pregnant Thor was possibly a bit odd but not entirely undoable, the thought of a 5 month pregnant woman suffering with nausea, mood swings, and serious fatigue, who needed to pee approximately every 30 seconds, trying to keep it together without resorting to violence and/or tears at an event with thousands of people, suddenly seemed unappealing. So we decided it was best if I sat it out, and instead Dave and Sammi went in their respective outfits- Dave as the Red Hood and Sammi and Poison Ivy.

Dave as Red Hood Sammi as Poison Ivy Dave and Sammi Comicon

With me being pregnant, we knew that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the following event in October last year, as baby Jack was due around then, but Dave and Sammi were both still planning to go. And then we found out our due date- 3 days after the October MCM ComicCon. It was generally agreed that if they didn’t go, nothing interesting would happen baby-wise, BUT if they did, you could guarantee the second they got to the venue, baby Jack would suddenly decide she want to make an imminent appearance. Dave did not like the idea that he would be that far from me and unborn Jack at any point after about 7 months, particularly as we’d been told there was an increased risk of me ‘popping’ early. So they decided to give it a miss and we instead decided we’d aim to make the May event this year- Jack should be old enough to be babysat by more than willing grandparents, and I’d have recovered enough of the ability to walk and some semblance of shape, to participate in the cosplaying and general merriment. There was suggestion of including Jack in the trip- Dave and Sammi having seen babies dressed up as Ewoks, Yoda, and even a transformer previously, but we decided that it possibly wouldn’t be the most fun for her and her grandparents would relish the opportunity to have an entire day with her.

Which bring us to now. The May MCM London ComicCon event is this weekend coming up, and we have been talking for quite a while about what costumes we might each attempt. I personally have been torn between; Red Riding Hood (from Once Upon a Time), Captain Jack Sparrow, and Nyssa Al Ghul (from Arrow)- my quick costume idea sketches are below. I’ve also considered Ghibli characters; Chihiro, Howl, Sophie or a take on Totoro are all appealing to me… so come Saturday what will I be dressed as?

Jack Sparrow sketch Nyssa Al Ghul sketch Red Riding Hood sketch

Tonight Matthew* I’m going to be, Mummy and big sister! My baby sister, Geekstalk’s very own Sammi, has turned 21 this week and will be having her bash next Saturday… when we realised they fell on the same date, after much cursing, we briefly considered whether it was possible to have our cake and eat it (surely this is the only purpose of cake?!) and make it to ComicCon. This quickly became apparent as impossible- timescales would be too tight on the day of the party, particularly when trying to mobilise a family unit that includes a 6-month-old out of the house in presentable outfits, free of bodily fluids, and it’s entirely unlikely that all four of us (and possibly any of the four of us) will be in any state the following day to dress ourselves in anything other than blankets and slippers, let alone cosplay outfits and then travel to London, spend the day in mass crowds and come close to enjoying ourselves.

FizzSo, ok, we’ll have to really make an effort for the next one- October twent…. oh wait, that would be the weekend before Jack’s first birthday and the most likely time of her birthday party. Maybe we’ll just have to console ourselves by cosplaying her favourite characters, personally I’m rooting for Dave to be Fizz from the Tweenies.

Fortunately our local comic book shop organises a smaller event, called DemonCon, which we went to earlier this year and hopefully there will be another in the not too distant future for us to attend. Otherwise, we’ll just have to keep hoping the stars align and that the next one falls on a more insignificant date… our wedding anniversary perhaps?

In all seriousness, we are looking to other ComicCon events around that we can make it to- we know there is another one held in London which we need to find out more about, but if you have suggestions for events we should consider, then please let us know!


*reference to Star in their Eyes from my childhood, just in case anyone was wondering who Matthew might be!

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